Unilever launches refillable bottles to make cleaning products even cleaner

The consumer goods giant’s new ‘ecorefill’ bottles aim to change how packaging is made, distributed, used and disposed of

Unilever says its a wrap on black plastic waste

The consumer goods giant has developed a new black plastic pigment meaning bottles can be detected and recycled by optical sorting machines

Washing up
South African dishwashing liquid cleans up with 100% recycled bottles

Unilever’s Sunlight brand claims to be the number one selling dishwashing liquid in South Africa

Unilever and Veolia join forces for sustainable plastic packaging

They will work together to develop innovative solutions to improve the global waste collection and recycling infrastructure

Unilever partners with UK firm to bring pay-as-you-go solar lighting in Kenya

They aim to provide renewable power to households in off-grid areas

New research and innovation hub to tackle global plastic waste

The UK is contributing £25m and will play a leading role in designing and running the Marine Plastics Research and Innovation Framework

Carbon emissions cool off with Unilever partnership

The liquid nitrogen-based engine proved to be cheaper, quieter and greener than equivalent diesel versions

Unilever agrees to clamp down on unsustainable palm oil

Unilever has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with an Indonesian state-owned palm oil plantation company to help produce the widely-used product more sustainably. The agreement with PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) will see the companies work to help mills and farmers reduce deforestation, avoid developing on peat areas and stop the exploitation of local people and […]

Unilever goes 100% renewable in UK

Unilever has announced its UK manufacturing sites now receive 100% of their energy from renewable sources. The consumer goods giant has partnered with Eneco to provide 15 locations with power from the sustainable energy supplier’s 23-turbine wind farm in Lochluichart, Scotland. A total of 165GWh (87%) of the wind farm’s output has been purchased by Unilever, with the surplus 24GWh sold […]

Unilever says carbon neutrality is a Sure thing

Unilever, the company behind Sure deodorant and many other consumer products, has made five of its sites fully carbon neutral. The manufacturer has signed a contract to heat its Leatherhead and London offices and factories in Norwich, Trafford Park and Cork with 10,000MWh of biomethane gas. The deal has been made with renewable energy firm GENeco, which will produce the […]