‘Unis must reject all fossil fuel funding’

Academics have come together in a plea to stop all British and American universities investing in any fossil fuel companies whatsoever

Norway seeks to support students to cover electricity costs

Students who are able to provide written evidence of their electricity costs will be able to apply for an additional loan this winter

UN launches ‘green nudges’ to encourage universities to become environmentally friendly

‘The Little Book of Green Nudges’ is the UN Environment Programme’s first publication on behavioural science and nudge theory, which focuses on human actions and how to change them

New collaboration targets clean energy in New York academic institutions

The New York Energy Research and Development Authority and the Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities have joined forces for the initiative

UK universities earn a first with landmark £50m wind PPA

They will be guaranteed green electricity by developer Statkraft, which will issue certificates that match the output of the wind farms

Energy storage research on full charge with £50m funding

Research will focus on industry-defined goals to improve performance of electric vehicles

Government urged to fund local energy trials at universities

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers says demonstration projects will encourage innovation as well as help universities in meeting their own decarbonisation targets

Research centres and UN join forces for Sustainable Development Goals

The global goals address a wide range of issues including climate change and extreme poverty

Networks of 7,000 universities declare climate emergency

The institutions have agreed to undertake a three-point plan that includes a commitment to go carbon neutral by 2030 or 2050 at the very latest

Half of university bosses get reports on “green” efforts

More than half of all university senior management teams now get an update on the performance of their institution’s environmental policy in their annual report. A study published today by the student-led network People and Planet praised the “national progress” on environmental awareness. It found an “impressive” 44% of all UK universities now show a […]