Not-so-green buildings ‘wasting millions’

Thousands of new buildings are using double the amount of energy they should be and costing millions. That’s according to new research from the University of Bath, which says cultural problems in the construction and design industry have resulted in a great deal of confusion about how to create energy efficient buildings. Energy Live News spoke to David […]

New hybrid technology could ‘revolutionise green sector’

UK researchers have helped develop a new technology that integrates wind and solar power generation, which they claim could “change the future of renewables”. The hybrid turbines (pictured) includes turbine blades in an outer frame and is topped with solar cells – especially designed to be mounted on buildings and in built-up areas. Developed by […]

University launches unique direct current experiment

A team of researchers from the University of Bath are working with RWE npower in a project exploring the potential energy savings of using a localised direct current electricity supply network. Professor Raj Aggarwal and Dr Miles Redfern, from the university’s Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering, are leading the project. The department has been […]