‘US could reach 90% clean electricity by 2035 at no extra cost for consumers’

The ramp-up of renewable energy would inject $1.7 trillion of investment into the US economy and increase energy sector jobs by up to 530,000 every year, according to a new report

Sunshine State uni basks in 75% green energy

The campuses and medical centres of a Sunshine State university is set to get 75% of its energy from solar power. The University of California, also known as Merced agreed to make what is reported to be the largest solar energy purchase by any US higher education institution earlier this month. It is buying 80 […]

US University gets $7.2m for cutting energy use

A US University has received incentives worth $7.2 million (£4.7m) for the past three years for implementing energy efficiency measures across its campus. The University of California (UC), San Diego (pictured) saved more than 21 million kWh – reducing more than 2MW of energy demand – between 2010 and 2012 through 30 efficiency projects. That’s […]

Low-cost solar power could save US consumers $20bn

Solar energy could help consumers save more than $20 billion (£13bn) in the US every year by 2050 if price reduction targets are met, according to a new study. Using a detailed computer model of West America’s electric power grid, researchers at the Berkeley University of California (UC) predicted what would happen if the US […]