Fizzy drinks are better than burgers for the planet!

New Oxford University research could open the door to eco-labels for thousands of supermarket food products

Scientists develop ‘smart window’ that can heat or cool a home

The technology could slash energy usage by up to 34%

New £30m large-scale UK trial to remove greenhouse gases begins

One of the projects will investigate the management of peatlands to maximise their removal of greenhouse gas emissions

UK researchers awarded £6m to drive next-gen solar tech

The organic and perovskite solar cells are critical to advances such as zero carbon buildings and vehicles as well as the Internet of Things

Oxford promises to kick off ‘EV revolution’ with energy superhub

The project will initially electrify 10% of Oxford City Council’s fleet and build a 50-charger public network

Nuclear fusion
First Light Fusion finishes latest nuclear energy machine

The University of Oxford-linked company’s Machine 3 has now been fully commissioned

Oxford Uni and Siemens score £158k funding for central energy management research

The study will focus on the university’s estate – which consumes around £1m of energy a month – on centrally managing the energy use of its 400 buildings

Oxford University against coal and tar-sands investment

Oxford University has confirmed it will not invest in coal and tar-sand companies. The announcement comes after Oxford University Student Union’s (OUSU) campaign called for the institution to avoid investing in the coal and tar-sand industry. Oxford University has a £2 billion fund, out of which 3% is invested in the energy sector including other fossil […]

Banks back research into carbon “stranded” investments

Banks are backing research looking at which investments are at risk of losing value because they could be replaced by ‘greener’ technology or jeopardised by their link with carbon-heavy sectors. Academics at the University of Oxford say they want to help businesses and policy-makers avoid an investment “bubble”, caused by investments in assets that might […]

Community generation can cut costs

Smaller scale projects waste less energy