Efficiency gauge
New hub aims to efficiently electrify UK industry

Led by the University of Sheffield, the hub aims to overcome manufacturing challenges relating to electric development

UK grants £900k for carbon capture testing facility

A carbon capture project has been awarded a research and development grant worth almost £900,000. A consortium led by Carbon Clean Solutions Limited (CCSL) will use the funding to build a large-scale testing facility at the University of Sheffield. It will help progress research into lowering the cost of the technology, with the ultimate aim […]

New project to improve mine water treatment efficiency

A new project aims to improve the efficiency of mine water treatment schemes. The Coal Authority, which manages Britain’s coal mines and employs contractors to clean water cascades and pipework across its 75 mine water treatment sites, is working with scientists from the University of Sheffield on the project. The manual ‘wash and brush-ups’ are […]

Siemens and Sheffield Uni partner on Internet of Things

An agreement between Siemens and the University of Sheffield marks the start of a new UK-wide network to link universities with the Internet of Things (IoT). The partnership aims to accelerate the use of smart data, boost technology skills and promote knowledge exchange to meet the needs of an increasingly digitised industry. The organisations involved […]

£1.5m awarded for nuclear waste disposal research

Funding worth £1.5 million has been awarded for research into the disposal of nuclear waste. The University of Sheffield will investigate the durability of spent nuclear fuel. Dr Claire Corkhill will build a model and chemistry of the radioactive waste material and assess its long term stability under simulated geological disposal conditions. Over 60 years […]

Giant £4m battery connected to UK power grid

An industrial-sized battery has officially been launched near Wolverhampton and connected to the UK’s electricity grid. The £4 million facility at Willenhall substation is part of new energy storage research led by the University of Sheffield. It claims one of the facility’s unique capabilities is how quickly it can respond to demands from National Grid […]

UK university to open £10m climate research centre

A £10 million centre for climate change mitigation will be built in the UK. The Leverhulme Centre will be based at the University of Sheffield. It aims to revolutionise approaches to climate change mitigation and promote food security whilst safeguarding natural resources. It will also develop the science to safely remove emissions from the atmosphere to cool […]

Spray-on solar panels created at Sheffield

Spray tans may not be the only aerosol-based preparation for a stint in the sun – as scientists have developed spray-on solar panels. This means solar energy harvesting films could be sprayed onto surfaces like car roofs or the glass windows of buildings. Researchers at University of Sheffield made solar cells out of a material called […]

Billboard poem fights dirty air by sucking in pollution

A giant poem on the side of a building in Sheffield is fighting air pollution by sucking in harmful nitrogen oxide. Called In Praise of Air, the poem absorbs as much nitrogen oxide as 20 cars emit per day. It is printed on material coated with tiny pollution-eating particles of titanium dioxide which use sunlight […]

UK Research could make solar cells more efficient

Scientists from the University of Sheffield making a new type of solar panel using plastic say they have found a new technique to make them more efficient. Their new plastic-based solar cells are currently only about 6.5% efficient, compared to ones made from silicon being sold on the market today which are about 18-20% efficient. But […]