Yorkshire Water wants a ‘straightforward conversation’ with customers

The water firm believes making its data public will help people think more about reducing their usage

‘Time of Use’ tariff customers ‘not actually saving money’

Citizens Advice warns lessons learned must be taken into account before such tariffs become more widespread

Offices ‘wasting thousands of pounds on unused electricity’

Manufacturing firm CMD says employees must become more aware of how to reduce energy waste

Brits send 1.6tn litres down the plughole at bathtime

The amount of water used is enough to fill more than 657,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools

Efficiency inaction ‘could cost businesses £7.4bn’

If UK businesses don’t take action to manage their gas and electricity consumption, they can expect to pay an extra £7.4 billion on their energy costs by 2019. That’s according to a new report from energy consultancy Inenco, which suggests rising non-commodity costs, expensive carbon pricing and a fall in renewable support scheme incentives mean […]

‘Better energy efficiency vital to hit Paris targets’

Improvements in energy efficiency are vital if the UK is to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement. These improvements can be made in three broad ways, according to a report from The Economist Intelligence Unit – by raising awareness, offering more financial incentives and by stepping up regulations. The research and advisory group suggests […]

ScottishPower offers energy buying in bulk

ScottishPower will soon be offering customers the option to buy energy in bulk. Using a model similar to filling up their cars at the petrol station or topping up pay-as-you-go mobile phones, consumers will be able to purchase a set amount of gas and electricity and track their usage through an app. It allows customers […]

Nosey neighbours can now spy on energy bills

An American utility has stepped up a programme to let customers see their neighbor’s energy bills. Peco Energy Co. has added 260,000 customers to their comparison programme, introduced as a social experiment aimed at nudging consumers to “keep up with the Joneses” and cut their power use. This summer, the utility issued home energy reports […]

Thames Water to move all customers on to ‘smart’ water meters

Thames Water is to install ‘smart’ water meters in the homes of all of its customers by 2030. The Environment Agency has described London and the Home Counties as “seriously water-stressed” and Thames Water said the meters are therefore necessary to cut down on usage. The third (30%) of customers already on water meters typically […]

E.ON customers can compare energy use with the Joneses

E.ON customers can now compare their energy bills with households of a similar size and type and against the most energy efficient homes in their areas. The energy firm has joined forces with US company Opower to launch the ‘Saving Energy Toolkit’ – an online platform which will provide tailored advice to consumers and help […]