SSE price hike kicks in today

Power supplier SSE’s 9% price rise for gas and electricity comes into effect today. Affecting around 8.4 million customers, the average household energy bill will rise from £1,235 to £1,354. Last week two ‘Big Six’ suppliers, British Gas and npower, also announced price rises for gas and electricity bills. According to a price comparison site, […]

EDF re-launches flagship tariff – with “heftier” price tag

EDF Energy today re-launched a flagship tariff which lets customers fix their energy prices for the next two winters without paying an exit fee – but with a “heftier” price tag of £89 more than its predecessor. Open to both new and existing customers, the Blue+ Promise means people can fix their energy prices until […]

‘Time running out’ for cheap energy deals

Consumers are running out of time to snap up a cheap energy deal and protect themselves from the rise in prices. Price comparison site made the comment after EDF Energy and First Utility pulled its cheapest tariff plans off the market. Experts have warned of energy price rises by the end of the year, […]

Renters afraid to switch supplier

Renters are being left behind in the race to cut household energy bills according to new figures which show only a third (38%) have switched supplier. In this tough economic climate with steep house prices, more than a third of all households are now renting but less than a third of private renters (31%) know […]

Energy companies “confuse” customers

A new survey shows 82% of people say Energy bills are the most confusing of all household bills. More than three quarters of Britons are unable to work out if there are mistakes on their energy bills according to new research from because they are too complicated and there is too much jargon. Ann […]

Are energy prices going up or down?

All the signals point to uncertainty for household energy prices this winter, according to price comparison site, following a week when one new supplier cut prices while another pushed them up. This week Ovo Energy dropped its prices for new customers by 4.5% from now on by an average of £60. The move will […]

British Gas to offer tariff comparison on its customers’ statements

British Gas will begin to display information of its different tariffs on its customers’ annual statements. In an attempt to provide greater transparency and to make buying energy more “simple”, the UK’s largest energy provider said almost nine million customers will have benefited by April 2013. In a table on the front page of annual […]

Treasury told: drop VAT on energy bills

The Treasury should drop VAT on household energy bills, an energy price comparison website said this week. Axeing the 5% tax rate would put energy in the same league as water which is zero-rated, according to, which claims such a move would bring 250,000 households out of fuel poverty. Ann Robinson, Director of Consumer […]

Benefits of energy price drop ‘washed away’ by water rise

The benefits of recent cuts to energy prices are being “washed away” by today’s water bill increase. That’s according to price comparison site, which is advising hard-pressed households to consider getting a water meter to combat rising prices. Water industry regulator Ofwat announced water bills will rise 5.7% as of this morning. In comparison, […]

Last of the Big Six’s summer price rises kick in

EDF Energy’s new pricing will kick in on Thursday, making it the last of the Big Six to raise prices. EDF’s prices will go up by 15.4% for gas and 4.5% for electricity, a rise of £101 and £21 respectively. The UK’s largest energy suppliers all announced increases over the summer which they said was […]