Smart home idea ‘shouldn’t be kept too narrow’

The idea of a smart home “shouldn’t be kept too narrow” as it will grow more and more outside one’s home. That’s the view of the head of a global energy think tank, who believes a smart home is something that will be an extension of a person’s daily life. He said smart homes include […]

Smart home an ‘investment opportunity’ for consumers

Making homes smart will be an “investment opportunity” for consumers as it will be more than just about installing a smart meter. Talking to ELN about why smart homes are crucial, Dr Philip E. Lewis, Founder and CEO of VaasaETT, a global energy think tank believes energy efficiency will be one of the main benefits. […]

New body aims to increase energy savings

A body representing companies who produce energy displays has been launched to help accelerate the blossoming industry of energy efficiency. The Consumer Energy Display Industry Group (CEDIG) will lobby for its members in the energy display industry and is a member Association of the British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers Association. Consumer energy displays, such as […]