Record energy output from EDF’s nuclear stations

Eight nuclear stations in the UK owned by EDF Energy produced a total of 60TWh of low carbon electricity last year – the highest output for seven years. The energy firm reported the amount was almost 50% higher than the previous year and is enough to power half of the UK’s households. It claims the […]

EDF’s nuclear-backed power supply deal with Network Rail

EDF Energy will supply Network Rail with low carbon electricity to power its rail network under a 10-year deal announced today. Believed to be the “biggest rail electrification programme in a generation”, the contract will see the energy firm supply 3.2TWh of electricity to Network Rail, which carries around three million passengers and tens of […]

Suppliers give mixed response to Davey’s plans

There have been mixed reactions among UK power suppliers on the Government’s Energy Bill details announced today. Some energy firms have welcomed DECC’s investment plans to increase investor confidence in the industry whilst others are “disappointed” about the delayed decision for a carbon target. The reaction follows Energy Secretary Ed Davey’s announcement of a £7.6 […]

EDF boss throws gauntlet down to Government

EDF boss Vincent de Rivaz threw down the gauntlet to government today over the future of nuclear power by suggesting nuclear investment was not a done deal. Speaking at an Energy Select Committee hearing into the challenges ahead for building new nuclear the chief executive of EDF Energy said: “We have workers with high visibility […]

Blog: SSE energy chief broadsides EDF’s nuclear bargaining

A hideous row over spending on nuclear power has been brewing in the energy sector for quite some time. Now it threatens to burst into the open air like a mushroom cloud over the new Energy Bill. That is, if it hasn’t already. SSE’s chief executive Ian Marchant took the bold move of penning an […]

Investor confidence needed for low carbon Britain

The UK Government needs to maintain investor confidence for a low carbon future for Britain, according to power companies. RWE npower said it is important for investors to have confidence to help deliver an efficient and workable energy system and to maximise prosperity for UK consumers. The comment was made as the Energy and Climate […]

‘Bounce back’ in Brits supporting nuclear

Support for nuclear power has “bounced back” with nearly two-thirds of Britons backing it, according to a new survey by YouGov. Commissioned by EDF Energy, the report showed only 11% are opposed to nuclear power being part of the UK’s energy balance. The news comes as the power supplier prepares to make its final investment […]

EDF picks French-UK builders for Hinkley Point

The future of Britain’s nuclear industry got a much-needed boost this week after EDF Energy announced it has picked a preferred bidder to build its new plant at the Hinkley Point C project. Late yesterday the French energy supplier said it chose the joint venture between France’s civil engineering firm Bouygues TP and UK engineers […]

De Rivaz: UK policy shows commitment

The UK’s legislative plans for the energy sector have been met with praise by EDF Energy’s Chief Executive. Vincent de Rivaz said the energy bill “did not disappoint.” The bill aims to reform the electricity market by encouraging more investment in low carbon generation. The bill will also restrict the emissions power plants produce meaning low […]

Reporter’s Blog: Please, fancy dress protestors – don’t confuse the energy sector any more

Inside, E.ON’s chief Tony Cocker revealed he dislikes the phrase “Big Six”, while later, the head of EDF Energy Vincent de Rivaz insisted there isn’t a “cartel”. But that’s exactly what hundreds of protestors outside the Economist’s UK Energy Summit yesterday were complaining about. Some dressed up as Robin Hood, complete with Sherwood green tights […]