Fashion v Fracking

  British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood returned to the “runway” against fracking firm INEOS today. She was joined by other activists and models to protest against INEOS’ fracking operations, with placards reading “fracking climate chaos” and “frack off INEOS”. Last year, INEOS won an injunction against protesters, prohibiting unlawful activities such as trespass or obstruction […]

Viv ditches orange for green!

Flamboyant fashion diva Vivienne Westwood is urging the fashion industry to turn to green energy. Ahead of next month’s London Fashion Week, the veteran designer said: “We must all demand a fast transition to clean energy. We require a Green Economy for human life to remain sustainable and flourish. “It is so ridiculously easy to […]

Blog: Fashion freaks fight fracking

Tucked under the duvet with your partner with an ice-cream tub or eating takeaway pizza with your family while watching primetime Saturday night telly could be the ideal kind of weekend-in. And if you happened to watch Casualty while doing just that, you’ll already know that energy was the focus of the storyline in this […]

Fracking ‘isn’t just a fashion disaster’

Zombies – and famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood – gathered in London to protest against fracking for shale gas. ELN reporter Priyanka Shrestha went among the dead to find out their concerns.

Fashion great Vivienne Westwood backs anti-frackers in “life and death” fight

Legendary fashion designer Vivienne Westwood (pictured) joined hundreds of activists in London today in protest against the controversial method of extracting shale gas – fracking. To the beat of a samba band and live DJ set, protesters waved banners that read ‘Frack Free Future’, ‘Don’t frack with our water’ and ‘Fracking will poison’ to spread […]

Vivienne Westwood gives £1m to environment charity

Dame Vivienne Westwood is pledging £1million to an environmental charity that combats the effect of climate change on rainforests. The extravagant British designer is an outspoken supporter of green causes, declaring in September: “I’ve always used my fashion shows as a platform for my belief in the importance of social justice and the urgent need […]