UK celebrates one year gas-free from Russia!

The UK marks a full year without relying on Russian gas imports

UK and Korea collaborate against Putin’s power moves

Energy Security Secretary Grant Shapps has visited Seoul, South Korea, to strengthen collaboration on renewables and nuclear

Does sanctions loophole let Russian oil into Britain?

Campaigners claim that loophole could see other countries that have not banned Russian crude imports used as a back door for oil exports into the UK

“Companies need to be incentivised to invest in North Sea gas assets”

Conservative Party Chairman Nadhim Zahawi has said it was important for the government to incentivise companies to invest in gas assets

Vladimir Putin: Russia could resume gas supplies to EU through Nord Stream 2

Putin has said Russia has no responsibility for the skyrocketing global energy prices

Leak on major oil pipeline connecting Russia to Europe

Authorities have said the cause of the incident is unknown

Government unveils new powers to cut link between electricity and gas prices

This is part of the new Energy Prices Bill introduced in Parliament today

Liz Truss calls for unity amid ‘energy war’

Britain’s neighbours should work together to guard against winter blackouts, the Prime Minister has said

Russian Energy Exec reported dead

His death is linked to him falling from a boat, reports have claimed

Russia to stop all oil and gas supplies if price caps are introduced, says Putin

Vladimir Putin has warned that the West would be frozen this winter like a “wolf’s tail” in a Russian fairy tale