Russia’s Gazprom cuts off gas to the Netherlands

Partly-state owned energy firm GasTerra has estimated approximately two billion cubic metres of contracted gas will not be delivered

EU agrees to ban 75% of Russian oil imports

The European Council has said an estimated 90% of the Russian oil imported into Europe will be banned

“Eco activists could undermine the UK’s energy security”

Protests, legal action and publicity stunts may deter offshore investment in the UK waters, the chief of Offshore Energies UK has warned

Alok Sharma: “Climate security has become synonymous with energy security”

The COP26 President said the current crisis has made the case for homegrown renewables more clear

“Vladimir Putin has not wrecked Glasgow Climate Pact”

Putin’s practice to use energy as a weapon has convinced Europe to accelerate the energy transition, the US Climate Envoy has said

Eni has not opened rouble account to pay for Russian gas

The energy giant has confirmed it will honour contract terms and the guidelines given by European authorities

Tony Blair: “We should have done energy transition from 2014”

The former Prime Minister has said countries are still paying large sums of money for Russian oil and gas

Putin cancels plans to storm Ukrainian steel plant, opts for blockade

He ordered his Defence Minister to make a blockade “so that a fly cannot not pass through”

How easy a task is it for the world to cut reliance on Russian gas?

Lowering gas dependency could raise emissions, a senior sector economist has told ELN

Vladimir Putin threatens to turn the tap off tomorrow

Russia’s President said he will turn off Europe’s gas supplies if countries don’t pay in roubles