All-electric bus rolls into Manchester

  Manchester is trialling its first 100% electric bus. The Volvo 7900e will be part of the free Metroshuttle service and will be charged using a pantograph, which is attached to the roof of the bus. That’s expected to enable the bus to recharge more easily throughout the day. The eight-week trial will monitor vehicle […]

All new Volvo cars to be electric or hybrid from 2019

All new cars sold by Volvo will only be battery-powered from 2019. The car manufacturer will launch five pure electric cars between 2019 and 2021 and ensure the rest of its conventional petrol or diesel range offers a hybrid engine of some form. Volvo, owned by Chinese automotive giant Geely, currently sells five plug-in hybrid […]

Volvo lent €600m for fuel efficiency research

A €600 million (£509m) loan agreement between an EU bank and a Volvo Group subsidiary to making its engines more fuel efficient has been completed. The financing will be used by Volvo Treasury AB Sweden for research, development and innovation (RDI) investments in fuel efficiency and safety related to trucks, buses and construction equipment. It […]

Volvo’s new hybrid truck could slash emissions by 30%

Volvo’s first hybrid vehicle designed for long haul journeys could slash fuel consumption and emissions by 30%. The Volvo Concept Truck uses a hybrid powertrain to store energy when driving downhill or braking, which is then used to power the vehicle in electric mode on flat roads and shallow gradients. This highly efficient engine system is further aided by the truck’s aerodynamic […]

New Volvo truck is 88% more efficient

A new Volvo truck has made a freight efficiency improvement of 88%. Volvo’s SuperTruck demonstrator uses an improved engine, solar panels, thermal efficiency upgrades and lightweight materials to achieve the massive reduction in fuel use. The project initially began five years ago after the US Department of Energy (DoE) set a challenge for companies to build a truck that […]

Volvo aims to sell one million EVs by 2025

Volvo Cars has announced it aims to sell up to one million electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025. To achieve the goal, the car manufacturer has planned to launch at least one new chargeable vehicle per year. The Swedish firm added it will allow them to offer two plug-in hybrids or EVs per model. It also plans to […]

Cities ‘could save millions by using electric buses’

Electric buses could help cities save millions for society and the environment. That’s the finding of research by car manufacturer Volvo and KPMG which analysed a city with around 500,000 inhabitants and 400 buses. It stated e-buses would save cities up to SEK100 million (£7.8m) per year. They could also reduce 33,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. […]

Volvo renews green transport pledge

Volvo has refreshed its promise to trim the emissions from making its cars by at least 40 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020 compared with 2013. Today the Swedish carmaker announced its renewed commitment to environmental charity WWF’s Climate Savers programme. This asks multi-national companies to cut carbon dioxide emissions. It is developing a truck […]

Volvo to launch new hybrid electric bus

Volvo is to officially launch its new plug-in hybrid bus this week. It claims the 7900 Electric Hybrid model is silent, cleaner and will lower fuel usage and carbon dioxide by up to 75% compared to a conventional diesel bus. The bus can run for around seven kilometres on an electric motor but also has […]

ABB and Volvo team up for electric bus charging

Engineering giant ABB has joined forces with Volvo Buses to develop a network of new electric bus charging points. The companies will work together to roll out a city-wide “fast” recharging network for plug-ins in Luxembourg in 2015 as part of their efforts to cut emissions from the city’s transport system. The buses could be […]