Labour to call for Commons vote on windfall tax on oil and gas giants

Shadow Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband said his party will call for a vote on Tuesday

Grayling pledges environmental protection ahead of Heathrow vote

MPs are due to vote on the proposals for a third runway later today

Bondholders approve closure of Yorkshire Water’s Cayman companies

The Cayman firms were said to have been created due to the financial structure of its parent company

Labour to give MPs free rein on Heathrow expansion vote

Shadow Transport Secretary Andy McDonald MP, however, said the project fails to meet the party’s four environmental and economic tests

Shell shareholders reject proposal for emissions target

Shareholders at Royal Dutch Shell have rejected a proposal to set an emissions reduction target. Around 94% of them dismissed the idea of setting the goal at the energy giant’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) this week. Shell Chief Executive Ben van Beurden said while the company supports the Paris climate deal, the proposal is an […]

Swiss vote against quick nuclear phase-out

Switzerland has voted not to phase out nuclear energy production sooner than originally planned. The results of a referendum on Sunday saw 55% of voters wanting to stick to the original energy plan timeline, defeating the 45% who want to get rid of nuclear power as soon as possible. Activist groups had pushed for the vote since Japan’s Fukushima disaster in 2011 to reduce […]

No ban on fracking in chaotic MPs vote

MPs rejected a ban on fracking yesterday after an at times confusing debate, with MPs complaining there was little time to thrash over key issues. They voted against an amendment to the government’s Infrastructure Bill which would ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing in the UK outright. The government won with a majority of 256 votes […]

Lords vote to limit coal-fired carbon emissions

The House of Lords yesterday voted in favour of forcing coal-fired power plants to cut their greenhouse gas emissions. The Government was defeated by the Labour party by 237 to 193 as the Lords agreed to get plant operators to apply the Emissions Performance Standard (EPS) to cut their carbon emissions. Power plants using coal, […]

MEPs propose mandatory audits for fracking projects

The European Parliament has proposed all new shale gas drilling projects must go through audits to check their environmental impact. That’s under a new amendment to existing EU legislation put forward yesterday which would close a potential loophole. Current rules cover natural gas projects which extract at least 500,000 cubic metres a day. However many […]

Lib Dems vote to back both nuclear power and fracking

The Liberal Democrats are now endorsing both nuclear power and fracking as part of the UK’s energy mix, after members voted to support them at the party conference in Glasgow on Saturday. The use of nuclear power in ‘limited’ circumstances was backed by 230 votes to 183. It is seen as a victory for the […]