New research and innovation hub to tackle global plastic waste

The UK is contributing £25m and will play a leading role in designing and running the Marine Plastics Research and Innovation Framework

Waitrose to bin plastic straws by end of April

The retailer will swap the 600,000 straws it gives out each year to a home compostable material

New trucks could make Waitrose the greenest of grocers

Waitrose has launched Europe’s first long-range renewable biomethane truck fleet. The 10 Scania-built lorries use new, high-pressure carbon fuel tanks to store compressed natural gas (CNG), which allow for more methane to be squeezed in, massively increasing their range from 300 miles to 500 miles. CNG fuel is around 40% cheaper than diesel and emits 70% less Carbon Dioxide – each lorry will save more than […]

Vehicles fill up at UK’s first CNG station

Heavy Good Vehicles (HGVs) have started filling up from the first high-pressure, grid-connected compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Lancashire. Waitrose, which is a major customer of the site, has filled up its fleet of lorries. The facility, which boasts a high-pressure connection delivered by National Grid, is capable of refuelling more than 500 HGVs per day. […]

UK’s first CNG gas station to open

The UK’s first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station is set to open in Lancashire. Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) looking to use CNG believed to be the cleanest and cheapest fuel for trucks and buses, will be able to fill up. CNG Fuels has secured planning permission to build the UK’s largest CNG filling station which is […]

Waitrose milks solar for energy savings

On of Waitrose’s dairy farms is being powered by solar energy. Its Leckford Estate farm has a solar array with a capacity of 186KW. It provides energy to run the farm’s lighting and power the milking machines for its herd of 600 dairy cows. The solar panels are expected to save more than 71,000kg of […]

Retailers sign up to tough new green goals

Waitrose and M&S are among a group of top retailers in the UK to sign up to new green goals including slashing their carbon emissions from deliveries and minimising waste. The 25 signatories including Argos, Asda, B&Q, Sainsbury’s, Wickes, Co-operative, Greggs and John Lewis pledged to reduce absolute carbon emissions by 25% by 2020. Targets […]

John Lewis signs deal to buy 100% renewable energy

The John Lewis Partnership has signed a deal to buy 100% renewable energy from small supplier SmartestEnergy. The contract will start in January 2015 – running until March 2018 – and will provide power for more than 380 John Lewis and Waitrose sites. Nigel Keen, Director of Property Services for the John Lewis Partnership said: […]

Waitrose and Ecotricity push for green energy

Waitrose is launching a campaign with the help of a renewable power supplier to encourage its customers to switch to green energy. The supermarket giant and Ecotricity are offering customers a £50 Waitrose or John Lewis voucher and an energy monitor worth £29.95 to help check their electricity usage at home if they move to […]

John Lewis cuts bills and carbon with gas metering

British retailer John Lewis Partnership is renewing a deal with UK gas metering firm Energy Assets to help it cut energy use and carbon emissions. The five year deal of an undisclosed value sees the parent firm of John Lewis and supermarket chain Waitrose buy into smart metering, as it covers Automated Meter Reading (AMR) […]