“Not a single river in England is free from pollution”

Just 14% of English rivers meet “good ecological status”, according to the Environmental Audit Committee

Petroleum products found in tap water of homes near Pearl Harbor

Officials urged people living on a military base in Hawaii not to drink or consume tap water

‘Nearly half of Brits don’t want fracking near their homes’

Nearly half (47%) of Brits wouldn’t be happy for shale gas drilling to take place within 10 miles of their homes, a new survey reveals. They are fearful of the damage fracking could cause to the local environment, the chemicals used, health risks and contamination of drinking water as well as the associated noise and […]

Osborne’s tax sweetener to ‘reassure fracking is profitable’

The Chancellor is offering “sweetheart” tax deals to the industry just to reassure them that fracking will be profitable. That’s the view of environmental group Greenpeace, which suggests the Chancellor is telling “anyone who will listen” that shale gas exploration in the UK is set to be an economic miracle. The comment follows the 30% […]