DVLA receives UK-wide recognition for water efficiency

It has been awarded the ‘Checkmark’ by Waterwise, the UK’s independent authority on water efficiency, after introducing a range of measures to discourage water waste

Brits ‘waste 70m litres of water every day’ while preparing tea

A quarter of tea drinkers don’t know how much water it takes to heat just one mug’s worth, according to a report

€400m for energy projects in Ukraine

Ukraine is receiving €400 million (£284m) for energy projects in medium and large municipalities. They aim to protect, rehabilitate and avoid deterioration of infrastructures. The cash is provided by the European Investment Bank (EIB), which will support between 25 and 40 programmes. They will focus on energy efficiency such as district heating or efficient buildings, municipal […]

Danube’s wastewater plants ‘oversized and unsustainable’

Wastewater treatment plants in the Danube river basin are “oversized and unsustainable”. That’s according to a report published by the European Court of Auditors (ECA), which gives recommendations to the EU for improving efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the plants by the river. The Danube river basin is said to be vulnerable to water pollution from various […]