Welsh Water hopes to make a splash with £440k annual savings

It has signed a three-year contract with Veolia, which is assisting the water company with identifying, delivering and maintaining cost savings

Welsh Water cuts carbon emissions by 79%

The water company has invested in renewable energy and energy efficient technologies as well as buys all its electricity from green sources

Wales granted £5.9m for industrial emissions reductions

The initiative will work with local supply chain companies to test how carbon dioxide can be innovatively used to make high value products

Wales’ water goes green in new wind deal

A water company in Wales has signed a deal to source its power from a renewable energy supplier. Welsh Water awarded a five-year contract to DONG Energy to provide green power across its operational sites, of which there are more than 4,000. The not-for-profit company, which is the fifth largest business in Wales, supplies 828 […]

Welsh Water secures £250m for green energy

Welsh Water has secured a £250 million loan from the European Investment Bank for renewable energy. The water firm currently generates 20% of its power from green sources such as wind, hydro, solar and anaerobic digestion. The loan is expected to help increase that to 30% by 2019. One of Welsh Water’s projects include the […]

£1.1 million investment for water upgrade in Wales

An investment worth £1.1 million will be made to upgrade the water network in Holyhead, Wales. Welsh Water is providing the money for the improvement works which will ensure customers continue to receive “a first class, reliable supply of tap water for decades to come”. The project will take around 20 weeks. The company stated while […]

Welsh Water pledges £160k for environmental projects

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water has pledged to invest £160,000 in environmental projects. Funding from the not-for-profit company will be available to voluntary and community groups through two schemes. The ‘Water Framework Directive Funding Scheme’ is receiving £100,000 for projects that aim to improve inland, ground or coastal waters. It will also help implement the objectives of the […]

Landlords could be held responsible for water bills

Landlords must hand over personal information about tenants if rental properties in England and Wales get their water and sewage services from Welsh Water. If they don’t, they could be held responsible for tenants’ outstanding water debts. A new regulation introduced by the Welsh Government requires all landlords to provide information such as tenancy start […]

Welsh Water bags £230m EU loan

Welsh Water has secured a £230 million loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) to help fund its five-year infrastructure programme. The 15-year loan will help the company, which provides water and wastewater services to more than three million people, meet a £1.5 billion bill to invest in its network of pipes and sewerage sites […]

Welsh Water’s campaign to cut £7m sewer blockage bill

Welsh Water has launched a nationwide campaign to encourage people to be careful what they flush away in a bid to cut the £7 million annual cost of blocked sewers. The 12-month ‘Let’s Stop the Block’ campaign aims to change consumers’ behaviours when it comes to putting things down the toilet and disposing of fat, […]