EV sales to hit 1.8m by 2023

Sales of plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific are to grow from 352,000 annually this year to 1.8 million by 2023, a new report claims. The Asia Pacific region is to surpass North America to become the largest market for PEVs in the next four years, it adds. Analysts […]

Electric scooter sales to surge 50% by 2020

Worldwide sales of electric scooters are estimated to grow 50% by 2020 according to a report from Navigant Research. It forecasts that global e-scooter sales will hit 18 million in 2020, up from 12 million in 2013. Asia Pacific is far and way the world’s largest region for e-scooter sales, accounting for 99% of all […]

Plans for attracting energy investment are "implausible"

Plans for attracting investment in the UK’s energy sector are “implausible”. That’s according to a speaker at a conference held by the British Institute of Energy Economics yesterday on funding the country’s energy transition, held under Chatham House rules. DECC estimates around £110 billion will need to be sunk into the UK’s energy industry over […]