Beavers to be released for flood defence

Scientists praise beavers’ engineering capabilities as they can be used in efforts to tackle climate change

Better Energy to develop solar park on restored wetlands

It will be located in Køng Mose in Vordingborg Municipality, which is expected to supply around 42,000 households with green energy

UK supports green Scottish businesses with £9m funding

Argyll-based Oceanium, which is developing an advanced biorefinery to help turn seaweed into food and compostable packaging products, is one of 85 projects receiving funding

Valuable wetlands ‘disappearing three times faster than forests’

Wetlands are considered among the world’s most economically valuable ecosystems and essential regulators of the global climate

Harrison Ford: Protecting natural world is key to tackling climate change

Speaking at the Global Climate Action Summit, the actor warned of a ‘looming climate catastrophe’

Wetlands ‘can cut damage from fertilisers’

Wetland areas are highly effective at reducing harmful excess nitrate levels in rivers and streams. That’s according to researchers funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the US, which say swamps, bogs and deltas can be up to five times better at reducing nitrate than the best land-based mitigation strategies. Excess nitrate from agricultural […]

Wetlands ‘could prove crystal ball for climate change’

The changing condition and size of wetland areas could help researchers predict the rate of climate change. That’s according to a new study from groups including the University of Exeter, University of Sussex, University of Sheffield, University of Edinburgh and the Natural Environment Research Council Radiocarbon Facility. They say frozen ground in these areas, also […]

UK firms win £1.3m to generate bioenergy from wetlands

Three British companies have been awarded a share of more than £1.3 million to help turn reeds and rushes from wetlands into bioenergy. Natural Synergies, AMW IBERS and AB Systems will use the cash to test their project designs in three wetland areas in the UK, including Somerset, Suffolk and Inverness. Wetland areas are currently […]

Nature reserves “should quack not frack”

Peaceful habitats of protected birds, beasts and plants could be disrupted by fracking for shale gas, wildlife campaigners claimed this week. ELN reporter Vicky Ellis took a trip to the teeming wetlands to find out why they’re so vital for the UK.

Bioenergy entrepreneurs get £292,000 boost

DECC has announced seven British entrepreneurs who have won a share of £292,000 for innovation in bioenergy. The investment is part of the Government’s £2 million competition launched in October last year aimed specifically at bioenergy production on wetlands. This includes harvesting and energy generation methods using plants already grown that would otherwise go to […]