Rumours for VAT cut on energy bills grow

The measure is reportedly “on the table” of government discussions about possible solutions for the energy crisis

Whitehall to hire an Energy and Climate Change expert

The successful candidate will challenge conventional approaches to policy development and inspire innovative thinking on net zero

DECC is first government department to get energy managing standard

The UK’s energy and climate change department (DECC) is the country’s first government department to get an international energy management standard. The catchily-titled ISO 50001 is similar to a driving test or an Ofsted inspection, a company has to show it hits a certain standard when managing energy. DECC is one of only 44 organisations […]

Davey to host small supplier summit

It’s going to be a busy day for Energy Secretary Ed Davey tomorrow as he plans to chair a summit for independent energy suppliers – on the same day as announcing the Energy Bill. The talks will revolve around tackling the barriers to getting a larger chunk of the UK retail energy market. The usual suspects […]

Solar slash could push people into fuel poverty

One of London’s largest and oldest housing associations says it has been forced to cut back on its plans to install 6MW of solar on its properties because of the Government’s cuts to the Feed-in Tariff. Peabody says it is concerned the changes to the scheme will result in more people entering fuel poverty, as […]

Government slammed for faltering on green incentives

The UK government isn’t helping microgeneration enough, according to the industry’s representative body. Grace Bennet, Head of Policy at Micropower Policy has said that renewable technologies included in microgeneration, such as small scale wind and solar, are being let down by those in Whitehall through basic legislation failings. Speaking at the Energy Solutions Expo in […]

Whitehall tops 10% carbon target

Whitehall has cuts its carbon emissions by 13.8%, beating the 10% target David Cameron set when the Coalition took office a year ago, he announced today. The Government estimates this as an almost £13 million reduction in energy bills at Government HQs and offices. But Energy Secretary Chris Huhne said this was only the start, […]

Huhne hails UK-China low carbon pact

The UK and China today formally agreed to work together on low carbon growth. The UK China Low Carbon Co-operation deal was reached in a meeting between government ministers and Chinese Vice-Premier Li Keqiang. It is designed to strengthen the exchange of practical policy know-how and expertise between the two countries on three key areas: […]

Work and Pensions staff slash energy use

October’s energy battle between government departments is over, and while the final month’s statistics have not yet been revealed, the Department of Work and Pensions was on Friday sitting on top of the league table. The competition was launched by David Cameron to add weight to his assertion that his would be “the greenest government […]

New government plans to lead from the front on CO2

David Cameron’s committed his government to cut its own carbon emissions by 10% in the next year. The new Prime Minister has set the most ambitious target ever for Whitehall and its staff in a bid to ensure he is seen as leading from the front when it comes to green issues. Apart from the […]