Russia’s war on Ukraine ‘could leave 8.5m UK households in fuel poverty’

The government has been urged to add further measures to its upcoming Economic Statement

British Gas profits soared by 44% in 2021

Centrica’s company reported adjusting operating profit that reached £118 million last year

Trade association warns postponement of ECO scheme could derail net zero

The Association for Decentralised Energy said the reported cancellation of ECO scheme would hurt vulnerable customers

Boris Johnson rejects calls to remove VAT from household energy bills

The Prime Minister described the proposed measure as a “blunt instrument”

Price cap to ‘skyrocket by 46%’

Summer price cap forecast to rise to around £1,865 says report

Do energy suppliers ‘reject new customers’?

Suppliers allegedly refused to take on new customers in light of the crisis in the energy retail market

Two-thirds of remaining energy suppliers ‘could go under in the next year’

New report predicts that the energy retail market will face “complete carnage”

Rumours suggest Bulb’s collapse next week

The company is still in talks with potential buyers

Soaring gas prices make supplier increase tariffs by 33%

Firmus energy said the increase is due to global gas commodity prices rising by 200% since the early April

Energy group CNG appoints advisors as it faces uncertain future

The business energy supplier has reportedly appointed advisors to explore its options amid the soaring energy prices