New York’s ‘first’ offshore wind farm breaks ground

The project supports the state’s goal for 9GW of offshore wind capacity by 2035

Scotland missed 100% renewable electricity target

Renewables covered almost 98.6% of the Scottish gross electricity consumption in 2020, according to official figures

Britain’s grid was the greenest it has ever been this year!

Electricity had its lowest carbon intensity level on the 5th of April

Power prices predicted to keep burning in winter!

High gas prices are the main driver of this price hike that is not likely to abate any time soon, new research concludes

Wind production lower than expected – DMR

Wind is providing 3% of the generation stack today, according to the daily market report. That’s down on forecasts of just below 5GW, Sam Hill from the Optimisation Desk said. However the peak margins are “comfortable”, with forecasts of around 11.5GW. The gas system is still oversupplied this morning, with the linepack at just over […]

Offshore wind ‘could supply 35% of UK power demand by 2030’

Offshore wind could meet 35% of the UK’s electricity demand by 2030, according to a new report. It states the sector “is getting cheaper with the level of subsidy dropping by 38%” and the technology “is on track to be competitive with other new generation sources by the mid-2020s”. It adds offshore wind has become “the most productive […]

US promotes safety in wind industry

Government agencies and wind energy experts teamed up in Chicago to promote safety in the industry. More than 30 professionals attended the Suzlon training centre and were taught how to climb a turbine, perform self-rescue and go through rescue scenarios. The three-day programme provided both classroom and practical training for the attendees. Trainees were given hands-on […]

The wind keeps getting stronger

Wind generation is picking up thanks to the efforts of the UK and Germany. According to new research by analysts at Platts, wind output in the UK had its most productive month ever. In December 2014, wind generated around 14% of the UK’s electricity. Power on the other hand had a year-on-year decline by 17%. […]

Wind generation to peak over weekend – DMR

A dip in wind power today is set to reverse over the weekend, according to npower’s daily market report. Gemma Bruce, Client Portfolio Manager at the supplier’s Optimisation Desk said: “Wind generation has dipped to 2.1gigawatts (GW) this morning.” Looking ahead, she added: “It is expected to peak over the weekend at over 7GW before […]