SSE to pour £24bn into the UK’s clean energy

The energy giant has reported a pre-tax profit of £1.5bn

Government to unveil energy bill handout to ease financial pain

The £200 loan will reportedly be scrapped and replaced by a sum that will not need to be paid back

Is government considering a windfall tax on wind farms?

The Chancellor is reportedly mulling a plan that could see electricity generators and oil and gas companies hit by a wider windfall tax

Windfall tax could jeopardise UK climate targets, says oil and gas consortium

A group of 31 companies has called for an “end to speculation” on the tax

Companies might be asked for quarterly green plans to avoid windfall tax

New government plans could see business green investments scrutinised

Eni to invest €2.5bn in UK’s energy sector

The oil and gas producer has said it will boost carbon capture and renewable energy projects

“It is not unconservative to do a windfall tax”

The Conservative MP for Harlow has highlighted the need to “raise money every way we can”

Labour to call for Commons vote on windfall tax on oil and gas giants

Shadow Climate Change Secretary Ed Miliband said his party will call for a vote on Tuesday

Government will ‘look at windfall tax if not enough investment is made’

Rishi Sunak has warned that “no options are off the table” if he does not see “significant investment” in the UK economy

Government reportedly puts windfall tax on table

Rishi Sunak has allegedly asked officials to examine plans for a potential windfall tax on oil and gas companies