Britain braces for “tight” electricity margins and “very high” energy prices

The ESO says that despite the tight margins likely to be seen at the end of the year, it should be able to keep the lights on

National Grid: UK has enough power to meet demand this winter

National Grid has increased its forecast for the surplus power margin to 10.3% for this winter. That’s a rise from 5.7% from last winter, according to the grid operator’s Winter Outlook Report for 2017/18. It expects there to be sufficient generation and interconnector imports to meet demand throughout this winter. The peak transmission demand is […]

UK winter power margins ‘tight but manageable’

The electricity margins in the UK will continue to be “tight but manageable” this winter. In its Winter Outlook for 2015/16, National Grid confirmed earlier predictions which showed the gap between total power generating capacity and peak demand would fall to just 1.2% without measures in place to secure supplies. The grid operator has however […]

We’re A-OK for winter gas – but power is a problem says National Grid

A heightened risk of blackouts is on the horizon this winter with power margins looking particularly tight, according to National Grid’s annual report. The grid operator’s Winter Outlook published today described the UK’s gas supply position as “strong” but it’s a bleaker picture for power. It has three power plants on standby for emergencies, under […]

Energy demand and supply margins ‘tighter than ever’

Today the National Grid warned the difference between energy demand and supply is “tighter” than it has ever been. Speaking at a press conference this morning, the power grid operator’s Market Operations Director Chris Train said the UK’s electricity margin – which is the difference between peak demand and the available supply – is predicted […]