British Gas owner warns of potential winter gas shortage in the UK

Chris O’Shea, has stated that a combination of low wind and cold weather could lead to insufficient gas-fired generation to meet electricity demands

European gas storage levels higher than expected

Analysts predict that European gas reservoirs could be 88-100% full by September

Bus with 70 Hinkley Point C workers overturned in ‘major incident’

The bus was transporting nuclear power station workers when it flipped over in icy conditions early yesterday

UK sniffs out blackouts and power cuts

SP Energy Networks has “employed” a specially trained sniffer dog to detect faults in its energy infrastructure

Demand Flexibility Service – New Revenue Opportunity this Winter for Energy Users

By Andrew Langlands, Head of Commercial at Flexitricity

‘Insulating homes this winter could be cost neutral’

Research claims the Treasury could break even if it invests in insulating rooves and walls this winter

Norway to allocate NOK2bn to help Ukraine with gas supply this winter

It comes as Russia’s war on Ukraine is having a dramatic impact on the nation’s energy security and its economic situation

Latvia responds after Russia choked its gas supplies

The Baltic state has secured gas from other sources

Could Britain follow Germany’s lead on banning hot water?

Concerns have been raised over potential energy rationing to help the country beat a potential energy crunch

UK relaxes permitting conditions for coal-fired power plants this winter

It will cover the period from 1st October 2022 to 31st March 2023 to address energy security issues if they arise, ‘whilst aiming to limit unnecessary pollution’