Winter takes hold as large volumes of LNG help meet demand, but at what cost to business energy users?

In this week’s Resonance energy market podcast Jeremy Nicholson talks to Alfa’s Jason Durden about the UK energy markets, as a large volume of LNG delivers to balance demand and supply, but at what cost?

TOP 5: Ways to keep your home warm!

This week, the ELN top-5 series looks at the five easiest ways to keep your home warm

Greenland ice sheet shrinks for 25th consecutive year

A new UN-backed report has revealed 2021 to be another year in which the sheet lost more mass than it gained in the winter

Norway seeks to support students to cover electricity costs

Students who are able to provide written evidence of their electricity costs will be able to apply for an additional loan this winter

Homes to be paid for the disruption caused by the storm Arwen

A compensation of £150 per household will be offered to those that were off power for more than 48 hours

‘We could have rolling blackouts this winter’

The CEO of commodity giant Trafigura said Europe is currently facing gas supply issues

British Gas warns customers over ‘icy blast’ that could last up to six weeks

The company expects to receive 46,000 calls from customers this week

Minister calls on Treasury to waive VAT on energy bills

Irish Finance Minister Conor Murphy said families and businesses are facing a “very uncertain winter”

Volatile gas markets mean anything but business as usual for energy prices

Is this the first £100 winter forward in view of current market dynamics?

Post-winter prices, Carbon, LNG supply – EDF’s James Chaplin explains what’s affecting the UK Power Market this summer

The wholesale energy complex is ever-evolving, and fundamentals have changed drastically over the past year with weather, LNG supply, Brexit and COVID-19 at the forefront of the market.  The winter 2021 power price reached down to £42/MWh in March 2020, however recently broke a new high of over £70/MWh.