Scottish Government pledges £2bn spent on climate crisis investment

The Scottish Budget has allocated £350 million to decarbonise the heating of one million homes

Fresh cash for farmers to plant trees

Farmers and landowners can apply to secure a share from the newly announced £15 million tree planting initiative

UK’s woodland cover ‘could double without impacting important habitats’

Northumberland maintains the largest potential of any UK local authority, with 77,000 hectares of woodland, according to new research

England’s ten largest landowners ‘must grow more trees’

That’s the call from Friends of the Earth, which claims some of the biggest landowners in England have woodland cover ‘even lower than the weak national average’

‘England has enough free space to triple existing tree cover across the country’

That’s the suggestion from Friends of the Earth, which has analysed unpublished Forestry Commission data and found there is sufficient suitable land for an additional 3.2 million hectares of trees in addition to existing woodland

Tree planting
UK government ‘spends less than £1 per person per year on tree planting’

That’s the claim from Friends of the Earth, which says spending on planting and management in the UK has been in overall decline for several decades

Wood you like a grant to grow more trees?

A new grant means landowners, farmers and foresters can apply for up to £6,800 per hectare to create new woodland on their property. The Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation Grant is open to all qualifying land managers – it aims to increase the amount of woodland in the UK, which offers a range of environmental benefits. […]