How many private jets are flying to COP27?

How many world leaders have taken the trip to the climate summit in private planes?

COP26: Let’s pull out all the stops, says Boris

The first draft agreement has been published setting out what negotiators hope will be the outcomes following the climate summit

COP26: World leaders put finance at forefront of tackling climate crisis

Many countries have made committed billions of pounds to help developing countries get on the track to achieving net zero

COP26: Boris Johnson holds positive talks with Egypt, India and Indonesia

The world leaders were all hopeful of transitioning to renewable energy, advancing green innovation and trade

Boris Johnson on COP26: ‘The children who will judge us are children not yet born’

The Prime Minister gave an optimistic speech at the opening ceremony of COP26, recognising the challenges the world faces but claiming the battle can be won with togetherness and spirit

Queen frustrated by world leaders not coming to COP26

Her Majesty has been recorded saying she gets irritated by world leaders who “talk but don’t do”

Global leaders mark clean energy as ‘essential to economic recovery’

The need for increased energy efficiency and more use of renewables were the key takeaways from a roundtable hosted by the IEA and the German Government

World leaders call for a price on carbon at COP21

Heads of state from six countries as well as the World Bank President joined forces to urge other nations and businesses to put a price on carbon pollution. They put the spotlight on carbon pricing as a “necessary and effective measure” to tackle the climate challenge at the COP21 conference in Paris. The call by […]