Five-course menu served up for sustainable food system

Agriculture and related land-use change generate one quarter of annual greenhouse gas emissions

Google and WattTime need space to track power plant emissions

The project intends to use the data to hold polluting plants accountable to environmental standards and enable advanced new emissions reduction technologies

‘Science-based’ carbon reduction targets reach 200 milestone

The number of companies that have committed to reduce their carbon emissions in line with global efforts to keep warming to well below 2°C has increased to 200. A total of 45 firms have joined the ‘Science Based Targets’ initiative since May this year when the figure stood at 155. According to UN Global Compact, […]

UK among nations cutting emissions and growing economy

The UK is among 21 countries that have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) while growing their economies. An analysis by the World Resources Institute (WRI) found the UK achieved six years of “absolute decoupling”  between 2000 and 2014 where GDP grew at the same time Carbon Dioxide emissions declined. During that period, emissions dropped from 591 million metric tons to […]