Scottish public ‘call for strong climate policies’

The Scottish public is increasingly calling for strong policies in the Climate Change Bill to help cut emissions and become more sustainable. That’s according to a new survey conducted by WWF Scotland, which suggests more than three-quarters of the public think the government should invest more in improving the energy efficiency of homes across the country, up from […]

The UK’s first water source heat pump for district heating unveiled at EuroHeat & Power Congress

The River Clyde is to lead Britain’s industrial revolution once again, this time to take on the 21st Century low carbon challenge by providing a renewable source of heating and hot water to the homes and buildings of the legendary Gorbals area, on the south bank of the river. Star Renewable Energy have been awarded […]

Lights out at UK Parliament and Big Ben for Earth Hour

The UK Houses of Parliament and Big Ben will be plunged into darkness today as part of a global environmental campaign. They will join thousands of landmarks across London and the world, including the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building, in a global gesture of solidarity in the fight against climate change. WWF’s Earth […]

‘Science-based’ carbon reduction targets reach 200 milestone

The number of companies that have committed to reduce their carbon emissions in line with global efforts to keep warming to well below 2°C has increased to 200. A total of 45 firms have joined the ‘Science Based Targets’ initiative since May this year when the figure stood at 155. According to UN Global Compact, […]

Scotland powered completely by wind on Sunday

Wind energy completely met Scottish electricity needs on Sunday. The nation’s wind turbines provided 39.5GW of electricity to the National Grid, according to new data released by WWF Scotland. Total electricity consumption in the country was 37.2GW, therefore wind power generated the equivalent of 106% of Scotland’s entire electricity needs on the day. That was the […]

WWF files lawsuit over Shell’s ‘expired’ Arctic oil permits

WWF-Canada is taking legal action against Shell’s Arctic oil and gas exploration permits. The environmental group believes they “continue to obstruct conservation efforts” in Lancaster Sound, Nunavut, which is said to be one of the world’s richest areas for marine mammal and harbours one of the highest densities of polar bears in the Canadian Arctic. […]

Scottish wind power generation up in July

Power generation from wind turbines in Scotland increased by 58% last month compared to July 2014. It rose from around 400,000MWh to more than 660,000MWh – enough to supply the electricity needs of 72% Scottish households (1.75 million homes). That’s according to WWF Scotland’s analysis of data released by renewable statistics provider WeatherEnergy. It states the […]

Expanding Heathrow will have ‘worst environmental outcome’

The London Heathrow Airport expansion could have “the worst outcome for the environment”. WWF-UK made the comment after the Airports Commission recommended a new runway. Chief Executive David Nussbaum said: “It would lead to the greatest increases in noise, in air pollution and in climate-damaging CO2 emissions. It will not make Britain more prosperous but […]

UK ‘must consider energy as part of a global market’

The UK must “think carefully” about energy as it is very much a part of the global market. The comment comes from Alistair Phillips-Davies, Chief Executive of SSE referring to a possible EU referendum. Following the Queen’s Speech today, which briefly mentioned energy security and tackling climate change, he added: “Progressive integration of the UK […]

McDonald’s pledges to fight deforestation

McDonald’s has announced a global commitment on deforestation. The pledge came after the United Nations (UN) Climate Summit, which called for global companies and organisations to ‘do their part’ in an effort to end natural forest loss by 2030. The pledge includes all the company’s products and focuses on beef, fibre-based packaging, coffee, palm oil and poultry. […]