WWF files lawsuit over Shell’s ‘expired’ Arctic oil permits

WWF-Canada is taking legal action against Shell’s Arctic oil and gas exploration permits. The environmental group believes they “continue to obstruct conservation efforts” in Lancaster Sound, Nunavut, which is said to be one of the world’s richest areas for marine mammal and harbours one of the highest densities of polar bears in the Canadian Arctic. […]

Scottish wind power generation up in July

Power generation from wind turbines in Scotland increased by 58% last month compared to July 2014. It rose from around 400,000MWh to more than 660,000MWh – enough to supply the electricity needs of 72% Scottish households (1.75 million homes). That’s according to WWF Scotland’s analysis of data released by renewable statistics provider WeatherEnergy. It states the […]

Expanding Heathrow will have ‘worst environmental outcome’

The London Heathrow Airport expansion could have “the worst outcome for the environment”. WWF-UK made the comment after the Airports Commission recommended a new runway. Chief Executive David Nussbaum said: “It would lead to the greatest increases in noise, in air pollution and in climate-damaging CO2 emissions. It will not make Britain more prosperous but […]

UK ‘must consider energy as part of a global market’

The UK must “think carefully” about energy as it is very much a part of the global market. The comment comes from Alistair Phillips-Davies, Chief Executive of SSE referring to a possible EU referendum. Following the Queen’s Speech today, which briefly mentioned energy security and tackling climate change, he added: “Progressive integration of the UK […]

McDonald’s pledges to fight deforestation

McDonald’s has announced a global commitment on deforestation. The pledge came after the United Nations (UN) Climate Summit, which called for global companies and organisations to ‘do their part’ in an effort to end natural forest loss by 2030. The pledge includes all the company’s products and focuses on beef, fibre-based packaging, coffee, palm oil and poultry. […]

Will you be switching off this weekend?

Iconic London landmarks including the London Eye, National Theatre and the Palace of Westminster will be switching their lights off this weekend. It is part of a global annual event run by WWF when hundreds of millions of people across the globe will turn off their lights for an hour in a symbolic display to […]

2014 hailed as “massive year” for Scottish wind

Last year wind turbines in Scotland generated enough electricity to supply 98% of Scottish households, suggests new analysis of data published today. In total over 2014, turbines pumped nearly nine million megawatt hours of electricity (8,958,130MWh) to the national grid. Environmental group WWF Scotland which analysed the data from WeatherEnergy said this showed 2014 was […]

Volvo renews green transport pledge

Volvo has refreshed its promise to trim the emissions from making its cars by at least 40 million tonnes of CO2 by 2020 compared with 2013. Today the Swedish carmaker announced its renewed commitment to environmental charity WWF’s Climate Savers programme. This asks multi-national companies to cut carbon dioxide emissions. It is developing a truck […]

Ex-WWF board member is new Shell Chairman

Charles O Holliday, the former chair of Bank of America and one-time board member of environmental group WWF, is to be Shell’s new Chairman. It was announced today the 66-year-old will take over in 2015 from Jorma Ollila who steps down after nine years. The appointment relies on Holliday being voted onto the board again. A member of Shell’s […]

Energy firm rapped for “clean coal” advert

US power firm Peabody Energy has been ticked off for running a “misleading” advert which included the phrase “clean coal”. Yesterday the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) upheld a complaint about the phrase by environmental campaign group WWF. The phrase was used in a long chunk of text in an advert which began, “Let’s Brighten the […]