Unlucky creature gets seal-ed in nuclear power plant

A female grey seal was rescued from Wylfa nuclear power station this week after getting trapped in one of the cooling chambers. Staff at the Anglesey power station in Wales called the RSPCA to free the sea mammal. The animal protection group said seals sometimes get sucked along by strong currents created by the power […]

Horizon opts for fewer nuclear reactors at Welsh plant

The Hitachi owned company Horizon Nuclear Power has opted to build fewer nuclear reactors at a proposed nuclear plant in Wales. This means capacity will be 1.3GW lower than it might otherwise have been. Hitachi bought the firm from RWE npower and E.ON last year and said at the time it planned to build two […]

Fallon: Horizon nuclear project will boost investment and jobs

The UK Government has hailed the Horizon nuclear power project claiming it would help boost new investment and create thousands of jobs across the country. Energy Minister Michael Fallon is set to meet executives from Hitachi and Horizon today, who are planning to invest £20 billion in new nuclear plants at Wylfa in Anflesey and […]

UK looks into Hitachi reactor design

The Government today asked regulators to assess the design of the reactor for Horizon’s nuclear power plants. The project’s Japanese owners Hitachi said this marks “important progress” in the project to build two to three new plants in the UK. Energy Minister John Hayes has asked the Office for Nuclear Regulation and the Environment Agency […]

Wales nuclear plant offline

A nuclear reactor in Anglesey off the north west coast of Wales has been taken offline. One of the reactors at the Wylfa nuclear power station, which powers two wind turbines, had refuelling problems on Sunday. Its operators Magnox are still investigating the cause of the failure. Recently the plant was given permission to move […]

Wyfla nuclear plant to work for two more years

The last remaining Magnox nuclear reactor in the UK has been given the go-ahead to operate until 2014 – four years after its original closure date. Magnox, which runs the Wylfa Power Station as well as 10 other nuclear sites and a hydroelectric plant, got permission to transfer fuel between its reactors meaning electricity generation […]

France’s Areva and Chinese firm in Horizon nuclear bid

The chief of French nuclear power group AREVA has given a clear signal it is teaming up with China’s Guangdong Nuclear Power to bid for the Horizon nuclear power project. Luc Oursel, AREVA’s chief executive said over the weekend it will probably team up with Chinese utilities and other industrial actors to make an offer. […]

Horizon reaction: Wales needs to refocus

The news today that the Horizon nuclear project has been dropped by its owners RWE npower and E.ON has kicked up a storm in Wales where one of the planned plants was due to be built. Wylfa, near Anglesey, had agreed a 3600MW Connection Agreement with the National Grid. Plaid Cymru, the National Party of […]

RWE and E.ON pull plug on new nuclear project

In a surprise move today RWE and E.ON announced they are pulling the plug on Horizon, their new nuclear power project in the UK. The two German utilities announced they will not proceed with two new plants, pinning the blame on rising costs and the political backlash against nuclear power in their home country in […]

Unions want two nuclear plant designs

MPs and two of Britain’s largest trade unions are concerned only one type of design could be picked by nuclear power firms operating in the UK, potentially jeopardising jobs and energy security. The call comes as the nuclear group behind Horizon Nuclear Power is due to announce its chosen reactor design for a new plant […]