Smart meters? “They’ll help suppliers more than me”

More people think smart meters will benefit suppliers than think they will help themselves, suggests a recent poll. The study of UK consumers by YouGov found more than a third (37%) is convinced smart metering will benefit energy suppliers the most, while just 28% thinks it will benefit the consumer. One in three (27%) think their […]

Which utility has the best brand buzz in Britain?

It’s a perky start to the year for independent energy company Ovo Energy – coming top in a list of utilities with the best brand “buzz”. Ovo scored 3.8 for January to June 2014, after six months which saw the firm court customers with a “Feel the Love” PR campaign around Valentine’s Day. The rating […]

Public backs an energy price freeze – poll

The surprise price freeze pledge has been bashed by energy suppliers, commentators and – predictably – the Tory Chancellor George Osborne. But Labour’s promise to keep energy bills static between May 2015 and January 2017 should they win the general election has struck a chord with the public, suggests a new poll by YouGov for […]

Solar panels could help Scots earn ‘£580 a year’

Scottish households could earn as much as £580 every year by installing solar panels in their homes, new research claims. The figure includes £410 from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme, £64 from exporting renewable energy to the grid and £105 from savings on energy bills – bringing the total to £197 million a year and […]

UK public favours nuclear over renewables

The British public favours nuclear power as the most popular choice to provide for the UK’s future energy needs. That’s according to a new poll by YouGov, commissioned by the Sunday Times, which showed nuclear energy topped the list with 26% of the votes. The news comes amidst the UK Government’s plans for a more […]

British public favour wind to oil and gas

Around 69% of the British public want the current level of wind energy increased or maintained. That’s according to a new poll by YouGov, which claims a clear majority of the public want more wind farms to be built. More than half of the people questioned said the number of wind farms should be higher […]

Which? calls for independent review of energy market

A consumer group has called on the Government to launch an independent review into the rising cost of domestic energy bills. In an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, Which? said the Government should face facts that the energy market is “broken” and should let consumers know the “deserved” truth. It stressed the Government […]

Energy prices are ‘bigger threat’ than unemployment

UK consumers believe rising energy prices are the “biggest threat” to their finances and standard of living. That’s according to YouGov’s new ‘Household Economic Activity Tracker’ (HEAT), which found people are more concerned about energy bills going up than they are about unemployment, inflation and taxes. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 […]

IKEA to replace all lighting to LED

IKEA claims it will replace its entire lighting range to LED in its US stores by 2016. As it celebrated its 25th year trading yesterday, the Swedish retailer said the move is in a bid to help people become more sustainable at home and save money on their energy bills. IKEA claims it will be […]

“Rip off” energy firms make public angry in new poll

Energy companies have got a drubbing in a new top ten poll of brands which make people angry – with British Gas singled out for the focus of public irritation. The Centrica-owned supplier, which is the largest energy provider in the UK came sixth, after all banks, the supermarket Tesco, fast food chain McDonalds and […]