Almost 36% of Scots are struggling to pay their energy bills

Nearly 80% of Scots cited rising energy costs as the reason for that struggle, according to new research

MPs require all new buildings to have renewables from next year

Almost half of MPs approve the removal of VAT on all domestic renewables and energy efficiency measures for 10 years, a new survey shows

M25 Protestors opposed by 60% of Brits

The Insulate Britain protestors have blocked the motorway again for the fifth time in eight days, leading to heavy public criticism

Renewable investment
‘Almost two-thirds of Brits value investment in renewable energy ‘

Out of the 2,105 people polled, 62% supported government-backed investments in enhancing infrastructure across the UK

Climate change
Half of Brits and 71% of Indians say ‘human activity responsible for changing climate’

A new study of 30,000 people in 28 countries and regions found most people accepted climate change is happening and humanity is at least partially responsible

Majority of young Brits ‘would consider electric car if price is right’

Some of the concerns cited were the range of EVs, finding somewhere to charge and the time it would take to recharge

Demand Side Response: Taking the lead from the early adopters who are saving ££££s

If there was a sure-fire way to save money on essential overheads such as energy costs, any business would be keen to adopt it, right?

Smart meters? “They’ll help suppliers more than me”

More people think smart meters will benefit suppliers than think they will help themselves, suggests a recent poll. The study of UK consumers by YouGov found more than a third (37%) is convinced smart metering will benefit energy suppliers the most, while just 28% thinks it will benefit the consumer. One in three (27%) think their […]

Which utility has the best brand buzz in Britain?

It’s a perky start to the year for independent energy company Ovo Energy – coming top in a list of utilities with the best brand “buzz”. Ovo scored 3.8 for January to June 2014, after six months which saw the firm court customers with a “Feel the Love” PR campaign around Valentine’s Day. The rating […]

Public backs an energy price freeze – poll

The surprise price freeze pledge has been bashed by energy suppliers, commentators and – predictably – the Tory Chancellor George Osborne. But Labour’s promise to keep energy bills static between May 2015 and January 2017 should they win the general election has struck a chord with the public, suggests a new poll by YouGov for […]