Octopus boss denounces ‘outdated’ link between electricity and gas prices

Responding to customers’ questions, Greg Jackson has explained why renewable electricity is costing more during a gas crisis

Public EV charging costs seven times more!

Charging an average EV at home cost nearly £208 a year, compared to more than £1,450 for public charging, according to a new report

Are UK power stations set to fire up ‘wargame’ emergency plans?

Britain’s gas power stations could reportedly be asked to ration their energy use or shut off to help the grid meet high demand

Activists plug golf holes with cement in climate change protest

French eco-protestors have sealed up holes to highlight the “monopolisation” of water by the golf industry

“My direct debit is due to increase by 88% in September”

An EDF Energy customer told ELN he will see his direct debit jump from £252 to £453 next month

Sanctions ‘do not affect Russian oil exports much’

Russia’s oil production in July was nearly 310,000 barrels a day below pre-war levels

Energy costs take front seat in British classes

Several schools across the UK are reportedly considering adopting a three-day lesson plan to save money on their energy bills

Government ‘looking to cut extra £400 off gas and electricity bills’

The Treasury is reportedly exploring the feasibility of a government-lending scheme for energy suppliers

Fresh calls for price cap freeze

Energy bosses have called on the government to cancel the energy bill increase through subsidies that would be given to suppliers

Octopus fizzles out ‘boozy work event’ claims

The energy supplier has been criticised for closing its call centre to hold presentations where staff can reportedly enjoy sparkling wine and beers