‘Almost all EEA member nations have climate strategy but around half lack solid action plan’

Common challenges include gaps in climate data, integrating quantitative and qualitative information and trying to compare diverse risks across different sectors

MPs launch inquiry into sustainable seas

The Environmental Audit Committee is seeking views on topics, including the forms of pollution and climate change impacts

Michael Bloomberg pledges $4.5m to cover US climate commitment

The contribution provides the UN Climate Change Secretariat with around 60% of the anticipated US Government support this year

Shell to invest up to $2bn each year in cleaner energy tech

The oil and gas giant confirmed it would only invest in projects that were financially viable without subsidies

US lawyer sets himself alight in climate protest

He had burned himself using fossil fuels to symbolise the damage being done to the earth

UK pledges £8.2m for nations to fight climate change

The funding will help countries prepare for natural disasters and lower greenhouse gas emissions

IEA accused of ‘holding governments back on climate policy’

The International Energy Agency’s New Policy Scenario is said to be commonly used as a roadmap for policies and investment

Top miner exits World Coal Association

BHP Billiton severed ties with the global coal lobby organisation over a clash on tackling climate change

Friends of the Earth threatens Shell with court

It says the firm must comply with a list of demands to “stop its destruction of the climate”

‘Climate change is an existential threat to all human civilisation’

Sir David King said the issue will affect all countries and all people across the world