More than 1,500 climate protestors arrested in the Netherlands

The Extinction Rebellion members were calling for an end to financing fossil fuel subsidies, blocking the A12 motorway in The Hague

‘Carbon offset costs set to double by 2030’

Companies risk missing net zero targets as analysis indicates carbon offset costs could double by 2030

NatWest commits £1bn to boost green manufacture

The new funding aims at encouraging manufacturers to adopt cleaner and more efficient energy practices

UK government backs oil boss as COP chief

This is despite 130 lawmakers calling for his removal

Gary Lineker says climate protestors could be “heroes”

The former England forward has said that climate change “should be the biggest issue of the day”

‘Over 20% of global population faces dangerously high temperatures by 2100’

Current climate policies fall short of Paris Agreement goals, with projected 2.7°C warming, leaving two billion lives in jeopardy, according to new study

Earth’s temperature set to skyrocket, breaking the 1.5°C barrier by 2027

Global temperatures are predicted to exceed the 1.5°C threshold in the next few years, signaling a critical milestone in climate change

Schwarzenegger – ‘I’ll be back… if we stop climate change’

Arnie said “lives depend” on climate action at his latest climate conference in Austria

‘Fossil fuel companies must cough up for the costs of climate change’

That’s according to 78% of Brits who think the financial responsibility lies with oil and gas giants

Government backs clean heat projects with £91m

This includes a geothermal project in Cornwall, set to power 4,000 homes