Energy switchers set new record in April

April saw the second-highest electricity switching activity recorded in a single month, a new report suggests

Nearly 40% are ‘worried about paying for energy bills’

Government data shows a quarter of the public have switched supplier in the last year

Small and medium suppliers ‘get record number of energy switchers’

Suppliers with a market share of less than 5% saw 209,000 consumers switching away from large competitors

Centrica expects to save more than £100m in 2021

The company said nearly 98% of its engineers have agreed to sign new contracts

Shadow of an ‘energy credit cash bomb’ looms large for suppliers

A new report estimates energy suppliers owe an estimated £1.8 billion to 13 million households

Group of energy suppliers call for urgent reforms to deliver green heat goals

Customers who invest in cleaner heating are predicted to pay £305 more a year in energy bills than those with a gas boiler, according to a new report

Smart meter installations got the jab!

There were 30% more installations in March 2021 than in March last year, according to the new ElectraLink report

E.ON has agreed to pay more than £650k after ‘taking Direct Debit payments earlier’

Ofgem said the company took Direct Debit payments earlier than agreed from 1.6 million customers

Switching figures skyrocketed in March with second highest peak ever recorded

The number of customers who switched energy suppliers is 10% higher than in March 2020, according to a new report

Racist power cuts? Minorities in Texas more likely to have blackouts

Areas mostly inhabited by people of white background had an 11% chance of suffering an outage compared to a 47% chance in high minority share areas, according to a new report