Ofgem probes Drax compliance with Renewables Obligation reporting

The energy regulator will scrutinise for potential breaches of annual profiling reporting and related issues under the Renewables Obligation scheme

Prepayment moratorium ‘adds £30m monthly debt’

Energy UK has stressed the importance of debt recovery mechanisms that safeguard consumers and maintain the sector’s viability

Claim Your Energy Voucher Day: Last chance for £130m support

Households have been urged to use Energy Bill Support Vouchers by 30th June in order to access remaining £130 million

Call for government support in phasing out gas cookers

Campaigners have urged the government to provide support and incentives for households to transition away from gas cookers

Surge in new UK energy licence applicants amid declining costs

Grant Nicholson, the mind behind the collapsed energy business Planet-U Energy, seeks new opportunities in the energy market with a fresh licence application

‘Ukraine surpasses UK in onshore wind turbine installations’

England’s new onshore wind turbine installations have stagnated since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with a mere two turbines generating 1MW of electricity in the village of Keele, Staffordshire

Labour’s ‘North Sea drilling ban’ sparks energy security debate

Critics argue Labour’s plan risks dependence on foreign fossil fuel sources

Ofgem plans to end temporary last resort supply payment claim process

The energy regulator seeks industry feedback on reverting to single-claim process and implementing internal audits for Last Resort Supply Payments

UK electricity market sets CAP below £100/MWh for first time since 2021

The Credit Assessment Price will fall to £85/MWh in response to stabilising wholesale prices

UK celebrates one year gas-free from Russia!

The UK marks a full year without relying on Russian gas imports