‘Millions of Brits still going out to top-up on electricity despite lockdown’

Bill Bullen, CEO of Utilita Energy, spoke to ELN about this issue

Fossil fuel products ‘should come with warning labels’

The smoking-style warnings should be used on petrol stations, energy bills and air tickets, experts say

Working from home ‘could cost UK public an extra £52m a week on energy bill’

Uswitch has predicted households where people are working from home will use 25% more electricity and 17% more gas per day

Hertfordshire lights up streets with LED upgrades

The switch to LED street lighting is expected to eliminate almost 12,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide and save Hertfordshire’s taxpayers around £5m a year

US firm NV Energy offers financial relief to customers impacted by the coronavirus

It has also committed to making a $1m donation to nine nonprofit organisations to help further support struggling customers

EDF announces additional support for customers affected by Covid-19

The French energy firm suggested it may allow certain customers to make repayments over a longer period of time

EIB funds Dutch homes with ‎€150m energy efficiency loans

Loans of up to €25,000 per household will be offered to homeowners who want to reduce their energy bills

Almost 3m elderly people turn off heating as ‘they cannot afford energy bills’

New research shows 18% of people over 65 are on ‘uncompetitive’ Standard Variable Tariffs

New £9.8m scheme switches Suffolk’s street lights to green LEDs

Almost 43,000 LED street lights will reduce the city’s carbon emissions by 80% and save £90k on its energy bills

Poorest pay ‘three times more for their energy than the richest’  

New research shows lower income households spend on average £60 more every year on their energy bills than higher income households