Sun’s out, coal’s out – for record period

The Haven Power market report – your guide to what’s happened in the energy market, and why, over the last 7 days. Here’s a summary of the week: High renewable output keeps coal out of UK fuel mix for new record of 55 hours, and quells day-ahead prices. Excess generation on the system means National […]

High solar output outshines coal

For an update on energy market changes over the last 7 days, check out the Haven Power market report. Here’s a summary of the week: High solar output reduces demand on the UK system and outshines coal. Lower than predicted wind forces National Grid to take actions to fill the gap. Brent Crude oil prices […]

Renewables up to 45% of UK generation as carbon price jumps 25%

The Haven Power market report updates you on the week’s changes in the energy market. Here’s a summary of the week: Renewables contribute over 45% of UK generation mix. High renewable output pushes day-ahead baseload prices to lowest level since February. UK almost avoids coal-fired generation. National Grid uses flexible pumped storage hydro generation to […]

Wind blows away day-ahead prices

The Haven Power market report keeps you up to date with energy market changes over the last 7 days. Here’s a summary of the week: Wind output had a large influence over day-ahead prices during week 13 Pumped storage hydro paid to consume electricity to ease system stress High solar output suppresses demand Bullish fuels […]

MPs call for urgent need for energy price cap

The “broken” energy market in Britain must be fixed by introducing a price cap before next winter. The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Committee is urging the government to implement the cap as soon as possible to protect loyal customers from being ripped off by suppliers. MPs said the Big Six energy companies have […]

Europe ‘should follow the French on cutting carbon’

European nations should follow advice from French President Emmanuel Macron and collaborate to develop an interconnected energy market based on renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. That’s the suggestion from Eddie O’Connor, the Founder and Chairman of Mainstream Renewable Power, who said linking countries with a ‘super-grid’ would allow the delivery of cheaper power to […]

House of Lords Committee warns of Brexit energy threats

A House of Lords Committee has warned of potential threats posed to the UK’s energy trade if the nation leaves the EU. In a new report, the EU Energy and Environment Sub-Committee suggests Brexit risks the UK’s currently “frictionless trade in energy with the EU”. The EU currently supplies around 12% of British gas and […]

British Embassy seeks consultant for research into Brazil’s energy market

The British Embassy is seeking a consultant to undertake research and analysis of Brazil’s energy market. It is developing a programme to assist with the nation’s low carbon energy transition and will use the information to support the Prosperity Fund Energy Programme. The study must collate the current energy regulatory framework in areas including oil […]

Customers ‘in the dark over energy bills’

  As many as 13 million households are unaware they could be on the UK’s worst value energy deals. That’s the verdict from customer communication specialist Wiraya, which has claimed of the 66% of UK households estimated to be on the worst value tariffs by Ofgem, just 17% are actually aware of it. In a […]

Centrica to scrap standard variable tariff

Centrica has announced it plans to scrap its standard variable tariff (SVT) deals to drive down energy costs and make the market more fair. The British Gas parent company said the move will increase engagement and choice, reduce average bills, deliver a fairer allocation of energy policy costs and further protect vulnerable customers. It has […]