Bin smart: Government cracks down on recycling missteps

The government has advised people to refrain from recycling certain items such as juice cartons, toothpaste tubes, and takeaway boxes as part of a waste management reform

UK seeks input on measures to address carbon leakage

The government has launched a consultation seeking views on policy measures to mitigate carbon leakage risk, including a carbon border adjustment mechanism

UK considers removing VAT on battery storage installed after solar panels

The Environmental Audit Committee has called for a VAT removal to unlock full potential of household-generated solar power

‘Carbon offset costs set to double by 2030’

Companies risk missing net zero targets as analysis indicates carbon offset costs could double by 2030

‘Ukraine surpasses UK in onshore wind turbine installations’

England’s new onshore wind turbine installations have stagnated since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with a mere two turbines generating 1MW of electricity in the village of Keele, Staffordshire

Nearly 8% of government estate powered by renewable energy tariffs

Over half of the government estate’s electricity volume is being supplied by “zero carbon (nuclear)” tariffs

North West leads in installation of energy efficiency measures

Around 9% of households in the UK have had Energy Company Obligation measures installed, government data shows

Northern Ireland-Scotland electricity link proposed

The £700 million project, known as LirIC, is predicted to provide up to 700MW of capacity between the Irish and the British energy markets

NatWest commits £1bn to boost green manufacture

The new funding aims at encouraging manufacturers to adopt cleaner and more efficient energy practices

UK government backs oil boss as COP chief

This is despite 130 lawmakers calling for his removal