Internet of nothings – how my EV can’t charge without my Wi-Fi!

How EVs and chargers say no when the internet freezes

‘UK’s smart meter roll out not looking so clever’

The UK needs to install 24 smart meters per minute in order to meet the 2020 roll out deadline. That’s according to new analysis from consumer group Which?, highlighting the struggles faced to meet the goal of installing around 50 million of the meters across the country’s households. The report suggests some customers who want […]

More than half of energy firms ‘challenged by IoT connectivity’

  More than half of energy companies lack the connectivity to fully exploit the Internet of Things (IoT). New research suggests an “overwhelming majority” of energy firms are in the process of developing or deploying IoT solutions but are being prevented from realising the full benefits of improving efficiency and increasing profitability. IoT technologies allow […]