Giant solar farms to power Google’s data centres

The deal with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) covers 413MW of capacity

Microsoft Cloud could provide sunny outlook for low carbon data

The global technology firm claims its online solution is around 93% more energy efficient than real-life data centres

Facebook ‘friends’ Vattenfall for renewable energy

It is buying 100% of the electricity from three Norwegian wind projects to power its data centres in Denmark and Sweden

Google buys more green energy than it uses

The company said it “matched” its electricity use with renewables purchased globally

Green data centres ‘to reach $221bn by 2022’

The global market for green data centres is forecast to reach $221.49 billion (£140bn) by 2022, according to a new report. The paper, by Transparency Market Research, states this is due to an increase of energy efficiency initiatives, government regulations and benefits such as cutting costs. A green data centre stores, manages and spreads data […]

Amazon pledges to run 100% on renewable energy

Amazon has pledged to get all of its data centres to run entirely on renewable energy, joining Apple, Google and Facebook which have all made similar commitments. “AWS [Amazon Web Services] has a long-term commitment to achieve 100% renewable energy usage for our global infrastructure footprint”, it said on its website. AWS is one of […]

Guest Blog: Ian Perryment – Data Centres have become cooler. No really.

Data centres are expensive. Whether you have one in-house or have chosen to outsource, there’s a fighting chance it carries a big pound sign. While energy companies have been criticised for their role in pushing up household bills, the financial impact on businesses is something companies of all sizes have had to tackle. It is also […]

EU wants to reboot data centres with renewable energy

How do you design data centres so they can make better use of renewable energy? That’s the question posed by researchers in a new EU-backed project with a budget of £3 million. High profile tech firms such as Facebook and Google are using renewable energy to power their data centres – but others are not […]

Facebook flaunts data centre efficiency

Checking what your friends are up to isn’t the only thing you can do on Facebook – you can now snoop on how much energy the social media business is using. The networking site has created two new interactive graphs which show the power usage efficiency or PUE of its two huge data centres in […]