The Carbon Column – Reflecting on 2022

In this post I reflect on some of the stories in 2022

Yorkshire lifts hosepipe ban

The water company introduced a hosepipe ban in August

Thames Water posts £398m profit

The water giant saw its profits rise despite a jump in leaks during the drought

UN appealing for $51bn to save 230m from climate disaster

This is a record amount, as floods and droughts continue to rise

Leaky loos costing households £49m a year

Anglian Water suggests a leaky loo wastes between 215 and 400 litres of clean drinking water every year

Climate change giving youngsters second thoughts on having kids

Africa is the most worried continent, after experiencing climate shocks themselves – a UNICEF report has found

Africa is losing 15% in GDP growth from climate change

It is also suffering from a $1.3tn climate finance gap, a report claims

Making a splash! Labels on water appliances to cut energy bills

The new labelling system is expected to encourage customers to buy more water-efficient products

Chinese drought from climate change hits economy

Record drought has seen the country’s productivity put on hold for more than two weeks

Almost all of England now officially in drought

All of the south-west of England has been added to the list of regions granted drought status