Canada ‘to miss emissions target by a fifth’

Canada is likely to miss its emissions target by a fifth, its Environment Minister is said to have announced yesterday. The North American nation was one of the countries seen to be obstructing agreements at the COP 17 summit in Durban earlier this year. The country’s yearly greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 will be 19% […]

Climate deal collapse as Canada cuts loose

Canada announced last night that it was withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol. The news will put more strain on the already problematic treaty, which was slated during the recent COP17 summit in Durban for being legally weak. Canadian Environment Minister, Peter Kent announced the news to reporters, as Canada became the first country to formally […]

Key aspects of Durban agreement outlined

The latest climate change agreement, wrestled into shape in Durban by the international community has been hailed by some for putting into place the roadmap for a legally binding agreement by 2015 and criticised by others for putting off vital measures. So what did COP17 achieve? Here are some of the main measures: Green Climate […]

International climate change agreement reached

An international climate agreement was agreed this weekend at COP17 in Durban. The deal brings together, for the first time, all major emitters into international efforts to limit global warming. However, many are still critical as the deal’s not likely until 2015. Governments, which included 35 industrialised countries, agreed a second commitment period of the […]

India rejecting Kyoto, despite apparent Chinese willingness

A surprising new move by China toward agreeing to limit emissions could be the key to unlocking a new climate change deal in Durban, despite negativity from India. According to reports from Norton Rose lawyers, China’s position as the world’s largest polluter would force others to follow suit due to political pressures. The law firm […]

Huhne uses Met Office report to warn Durban of inaction

The UK Energy Secretary has used new research from the Met Office to warn the international community of climate change inaction. According to the report from the Hadley Centre a rise in temperature of between three and five degrees Celsius could lead to devastating consequences such as increased pressure on crop production, water stress and […]

Divisions cause stalemates in Durban

There have been clear signals at COP 17 in Durban that the Kyoto Protocol will not continue under its current guise. However, according to International Lawyers Norton Rose, there is a clear desire by many of the attendees for a new agreement to be outlined. On recent reports that some nations were planning to withdraw, […]

Climate group urges ban on dodgy emissions trading credits

An international climate group is urging UN countries to ban a type of emissions credit that it claims doesn’t actually cut emissions and is allegedly open to abuse. The call comes as UN climate change negotiators, the UNFCCC, meet in Durban this week. The Environmental Investigation Agency wants countries to reject credits sold for the […]

Zuma says look beyond national interests

Opening the global climate change summit in Durban today, South African President Jacob Zuma called on members of the international community to come together for the good of those that will suffer as a result of climate change. Speaking to delegates Mr Zuma said global warming was already causing conflict in Africa due to droughts […]

Leaders gather for Durban climate talks

As heads of state from around the world gather in Durban today to begin the UN’s latest round of climate talks, environmentalists have urged them to “lay the foundations” for a global deal or risk dangerous climate change. Attempts to set new climate targets that will kick in once the Tokyo Protocol runs out in […]