‘Farms are the best place on Earth to site solar panels’

A new study suggests if less than 1% of agricultural land around the world had solar panels deployed on it, it would provide enough renewable electricity to match global demand

UK farming sector ‘must dramatically change to avoid climate catastrophe’

The RSA Food Farming & Countryside Commission urges agricultural systems must be radically transformed and made sustainable within a decade

Farmers plough towards net zero with £22.4m of new funding

The government has awarded money to help 31 agriculture projects cut down on pollution, minimise waste and produce more food

Sheep and lamb in snow
Extreme weather leaves Scottish farmers with £161m bill

A new report suggests an exceptionally hot summer and an unusually cold winter negatively affected livestock and crop yields

Environment Agency ploughs towards ending farm pollution

The Environment Agency is working to reduce pollution from agriculture across Wessex. It is working with more than 10 partners, including the National Farmer’s Union and the Country Land and Business Association, to reduce the impact of farms in the region upon rivers, lakes, ditches and groundwater. The group aims to avoid the negative side […]

New rules to tackle water pollution from agriculture

New rules to tackle diffuse water pollution from agriculture in England have been announced. Defra expects the new legislation, which requires good farming practice, to come into effect on 2nd April 2018. The rules include conducting soil tests at least every five years, planning use of manures and fertilisers and assessing whether there is a […]

Severn Trent reopens green grant for farmers

Severn Trent is reopening its environmental grants scheme for farmers. The move by the water company will give farm owners in the Midlands another opportunity to apply for funding to help them to protect local watercourses from pollution. The grant will provide money to help farmers make management and infrastructure improvements, reducing the risk of […]

Food and farming go green with £40m grant

A £40 million grant scheme has been launched to boost sustainability and productivity among UK farmers and food processors. Announced by Environment Secretary Michael Gove, the initiative aims to boost investment in innovative new technology and equipment such as robotics to help livestock, dairy, arable and horticultural farmers to reduce cost or improve product quality. […]

Funding worth £1.7m to seed farming collaboration

New funding of £1.7 million will allow groups of farmers and organisations to bid for cash to spend on large scale environmental projects in their area. The Countryside Stewardship Facilitation Fund aims to encourage landowners to co-operate with their neighbours and achieve environmental benefits they couldn’t reach on their own. Now in its third round, the […]

Half of farmers are barley bothered about emissions

More than half of British farmers place little or no importance on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when making decisions. That’s according to new statistics released by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), which track a series of environmental indicators in the agriculture industry year-on-year. The information charts the industry’s progress towards its […]