‘Finland could be cut off gas by Russia this week’

Finland’s state-owned energy provider has warned that there is “a real risk” of natural gas supply

ENGIE faces protest and calls to end gas contracts with Gazprom

Protesters claim that the company is Gazprom’s main partner in the French market

Businesses hit by a 250% increase in gas bills

SMEs face an imminent risk of paying bills at out-of-contract rates for a period of time, according to new report

Vladimir Putin threatens to turn the tap off tomorrow

Russia’s President said he will turn off Europe’s gas supplies if countries don’t pay in roubles

Portsmouth City Council to terminate Gazprom contract

The local authority plans to end the contract two years before its expiry date

Ofgem slammed over standing charges

A charity has urged the energy regulator to stop the ‘standing charge discrimination’

Government urges public sector to review all Russian energy contracts

Hospitals and councils are advised to “urgently look” at cutting commercial ties with Russian and Belarusian energy firms

UK council explains why it cannot end Gazprom contract before 2024

Tandridge District Council has said the move to end the deal would have serious financial implications

‘More than 1.7m British homes could be powered by Russian gas’

Between 2017 and 2021 the UK received 21.5GWh of LNG from Russia

“Rouble gas payments could be breach of contracts”

Energy can not be used to blackmail countries, the President of the European Commission has said