“Net zero changes could cost households up to £8bn”

Policy changes announced yesterday by the Prime Minister could potentially cost households up to £8 billion in higher bills over the next decade, according to a new report

Industry reacts to UK’s ‘green policy U-turn’

Industry concerns are mounting as reports suggest potential changes to the UK government’s environmental commitments, with critics cautioning that such revisions could lead to higher energy bills

UK-Netherlands gas link faces inspection

The Balgzand-Bacton Pipeline, connecting the UK and the Netherlands for gas supply, is undergoing an essential inspection following maintenance

UK gas prices surge 28% amid Australian supply concerns

Gas prices in the UK have surged to over twice their usual seasonal value due to concerns about potential disruptions in liquefied natural gas supply from Australia

Ofgem approves green hydrogen project to repurpose gas pipelines

SGN has received regulatory approval to advance its project, to convert decommissioned gas pipelines into hydrogen conduits

British Gas owner warns of potential winter gas shortage in the UK

Chris O’Shea, has stated that a combination of low wind and cold weather could lead to insufficient gas-fired generation to meet electricity demands

‘UK energy prices could rise this summer due to gas field outages’

Unplanned outages at gas fields are causing concern for the energy market, potentially leading to price increases this summer

‘Shell continues Russian gas trade despite withdrawal pledge’

Campaign group Global Witness reveals that Shell traded nearly 12% of Russia’s shipborne gas exports last year

EU adopts 11th package of sanctions against Russia, including energy measures

These measures involve the end of oil imports by pipeline for Germany and Poland

Call for government support in phasing out gas cookers

Campaigners have urged the government to provide support and incentives for households to transition away from gas cookers