Nearly 50k leftover pumpkins turned into renewable energy

Severn Trent anticipates converting more than 50,000 leftover pumpkins into renewable energy

Methane emission crisis threatens global climate goals

Urgent action to reduce methane emissions from fossil fuel operations is essential to meet global climate targets, the International Energy Agency has warned

Scotland misses greenhouse gas emissions target

Scotland has failed to meet its greenhouse gas emissions target, marking the eighth time in 12 years that the legally binding target has been missed

Government revolt in the making over new hydrogen levy?

The Energy Bill proposes to introduce a new levy on consumer bills to fund hydrogen development

UN: ‘Energy firms are measuring emissions but numbers don’t add up’

Since last year, 12 out of 60 companies that set methane reduction aims are not on track to achieve them

How much waste does Halloween produce?

With everyone dressing up and going trick-or-treating tonight, what’s the environmental impact?

‘We will protect energy supply after Nord Stream damage,’ says British Ambassador

He has called the damage “utterly unacceptable”

Do Nord Stream gas leaks come at ‘devastating’ cost to environment?

The gas released from these leaks will add to global warming while marine life could be suffocated, professors have told ELN

Moo-ving out! Biden vows to slash methane emissions

Fees of up to $1,500 will be imposed per metric tonne of methane emitted in 2026

‘Hydrogen leaks could mean it’s not so green after all’

That’s according to new research claiming new infrastructure must be built to ensure clean hydrogen stays cleanv