Volvo to use 25% recycled plastics in cars from 2025

It unveiled a specially built car that has had several of its plastic components replaced with recycled materials

Recycled plastic ‘could supply three-quarters of UK demand’

The Green Alliance and Circular Economy Task Force say the government should be developing secondary material markets

Canary Wharf trials plastic straw phase-out

It has asked all restaurants, bars and coffee shops on its estate to get involved

Peru gets recycling in the bag with plastic ponchos

Each item is made out of 80 recycled plastic bottles

India pledges to clean up litter around 100 historic sites

The nation initially aims to establish a 500-metre litter-free boundary around the Taj Mahal

Scottish Government bans single-use cups from its buildings

It hopes to prevent as many as 450,000 cups from being thrown away every year

Hilton says its time for plastic straws to check out

The hospitality chain has also revealed a new goal to halve its global environmental footprint by 2030

New technique to recycle old plastics hits UK

The process uses hot, high-pressure water to chemically recycle end-of-life materials into synthetic oils and valuable chemicals

UK plans to wipe-out wet wipes within 25 years

Defra says the product would be among the ‘avoidable plastic waste’ it aims to eliminate as part of its new environmental plans

Premier League teams up with Sky to score for sustainability

It hopes to remove single-use plastics from its operations and supply chains in the next two years