Heathrow’s plastic cup pollution to make an early landing

It hopes to standardise and recycle 100% of its single-use coffee cups by the end of 2018

New enzyme nibbles on nasty plastic waste

The modified enzyme PETase can start breaking down PET plastic in just a few days

National Geographic and Sky team up to rid oceans of plastic

National Geographic has said it will commit $10 million to the cause

Blenheim Palace to banish single-use plastics

Blenheim Palace has announced it plans to phase-out single-use plastics. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is introducing a series of environmental shifts across its estate as part of its ongoing goal of becoming a net producer of green energy over the next 10 years. Plastic straws have been replaced with paper-based alternatives and water bottles have […]

Pret partners up to purge plastic

The cafe chain has partnered with a UK start-up to introduce the brand’s reusable bottles to its stores

Selfridges make a fizz about polluting plastic

The department store hopes to encourage a switch to alternatives such as aluminium cans and glass, which are more easily recyclable

Waitrose to bin plastic straws by end of April

The retailer will swap the 600,000 straws it gives out each year to a home compostable material

Plastic bag charges ‘cut ocean waste by 30%’

The report says this shows the power of such levies to change customer behaviour

McDonald’s to phase out plastic straws

The burger chain hopes to reduce the amount of harmful waste it produces

‘Plastic particles in water are drop in the ocean’

A scientist says a high number of particles are consumed by people on a daily basis from many sources other than plastic water bottles