‘First nuclear power station in the Arab world’ starts supplying power to UAE grid

When fully operational the nuclear station is forecast to supply up to 25% of UAE’s energy needs

Total builds France’s ‘largest battery storage project’ in Dunkirk

The new €15m facility site will support the stability of the French power grid

Balancing Market opened up to smaller power providers and technologies

The minimum threshold for taking part in helping balance the system has been lowered from 100MW to 1MW

New York announces $15m fund to overcome grid challenges

It aims to help solve the technical challenges utilities face with power transmission and distribution while integrating renewable energy sources

ABB and Rolls-Royce team up for energy efficient microgrids

They will work together on developing solutions that integrates digital technology and efficient hybrid power systems.

New grid technology ‘could save consumers £1bn a year’

A prototype of a new grid technology which is expected to save energy consumers £1 billion a year has been launched. Faraday Grid claims its Faraday Exchanger has the potential to allow electricity grids to integrate much higher levels of renewable energy at no additional cost. It adds the savings could be made by replacing […]

US awards $50m for resilient and secure power grid

The US Government is providing up to $50 million (£37.8m) to improve the resilience of the nation’s electric grid and oil and gas infrastructure. The funding will support early stage research and development of next-generation tools and technologies. The Department of Energy aims to address a variety of challenges and opportunities such as severe weather […]

Mongolia secures $54m for power grid upgrades

A new project to improve the reliability and sustainability of electricity services in Mongolia has been approved. The World Bank’s Second Energy Sector Project will provide $54.4 million (£42.5m) to address bottlenecks in the Central Asian nation’s power grid by upgrading ageing assets and expanding distribution capacity. Obsolete and inefficient distribution networks have led to significant distribution losses of […]

Ofgem: Decarbonising heat is biggest policy challenge

  Decarbonising the heat sector is one of the biggest policy challenges in the coming years. That’s according to Martin Crouch, Senior Partner at Ofgem, who believes the UK’s transition towards a smarter energy system must be done in a way that takes into account decarbonisation as well as adds value to consumers. He spoke […]

Majority of Americans ‘concerned about power grid cyber attacks’

More than 60% of Americans believe the nation’s power transmission grid is vulnerable to either cyber or physical attacks from foreign enemies. That’s according to a new poll, which also reveals less than 9% of people believe the US Government is doing everything to protect the grid from a potential attack. It adds nearly 64% […]