Blog: Ed Balls suffers broken record syndrome on energy bills

Everyone likes a good hobby. Including those who you might expect to have little free time – even politicians! Speaker John Bercow favours a game of tennis, Treasury man Danny Alexander enjoys fishing and “sports of all kinds” while Tory MP Bernard Jenkins is apparently a nudist. As for Ed Balls – if you didn’t […]

Bills, bills, bills! Balls batters Osborne over energy prices

Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls used spiralling energy bills as a stick to try and batter George Osborne over the cost of living “crisis” faced by low earners in the House of Commons yesterday. Mr Balls repeatedly brought up “energy bills” in a somewhat rambling reply to his Government counterpart’s Autumn Statement. Claiming the Government is […]

Osborne gives helping hand to shale gas

Chancellor George Osborne has made good on the Prime Minister’s pledge to “roll back” green levies while giving a tax break to shale gas developers. In his Autumn Statement today the Chancellor said the country should not “turn its back” on shale gas, offering to halve tax rates on early profits from shale gas in […]

MPs say green levies WON’T increase bills in longer term

MPs have told the Government green levies won’t increase energy bills in the long term, undercutting pledges from Prime Minister David Cameron on the issue. The Prime Minister has repeated his resolve to “roll back” green levies and changes to these are expected in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement on Thursday (5 December). But Joan Walley MP, […]

Osborne gets fracked by the masses

Hundreds pounded the streets of London over the weekend to give George Osborne a piece of their mind about plans to ‘frack’ for shale gas in the UK – even building a mini model drilling rig in the MPs’ backyard. But as the Chancellor announced his Autumn Statement today, had he paid them any attention? […]

Chancellor confirms UK will chase US shale gas glut

The Chancellor today confirmed the UK will give chase to a US-style shale gas boom by consulting on what tax incentives to give the controversial fuel source and creating its own department, a new Office for Unconventional Gas. The move will give certainty to developers in the UK including Cuadrilla Resources whose CEO recently suggested […]

Treasury defends fuel prices

The Treasury was forced to defend itself today when dozens of lobbyists gathered at the Houses of Parliament to demand the Chancellor cuts fuel duty in the Budget later this month. Campaign group Fair Fuel UK wants George Osborne to cut fuel duty by 2.5p and claims this would create 180,000 jobs within five years. […]

Greenpeace ask: "Why does George Osborne hate the countryside?"

International environmental campaigners have launched a stinging attack on Chancellor George Osborne’s Autumn Statement, which they say reads as if it were written by the UK’s biggest polluters. Unhappy with the Coalition’s decision to grant financial support to emission-producing industries, Greenpeace said the changes to policy added up to an “assault” on green measures and […]

Detail of funding boost to energy intensives revealed

George Osborne was greeted with heckles and taunts as he read the Autumn Statement to Parliament this week. But as he breezed over UK green policy the opposition took a breather and most in the energy sector let out a huge sigh of relief. Even green advocates weren’t too surprised as the ‘Greenest Government ever’ […]

Chancellor’s package reveals ‘serious tension’ in energy policy

The Chancellor’s £250m compensation package for energy intensive industries reveals “serious tension” in energy policy, according to David Porter, chief executive of the Association of Electricity Producers (AEP). On Tuesday George Osborne announced the funding in the Treasury’s Autumn Statement. The AEP welcomed the news but warned wider problems with energy policy still existed. Mr […]