‘Forest of mechanical trees could capture thousand tonnes of CO2 a day’

An Irish company will put on the market vertical towers to form forests that could capture C02 emissions more efficiently

UK watchdog bans Oatly ads over ‘misleading’ green claims

The Swedish food company was told to withdraw its ads and give evidence on environmental claims

Are British school classes filled with CO2?

Nearly one-in-eight schools and colleges have “too high” levels of carbon dioxide, according to a government survey

‘Global emissions must drop by 20% in five years’ warns Met Office

Its new report states that the 1.5°C aim for global warming is under heavy threat

National Grid restores ancient peat bog in South Wales

The bog consists of 350,000 cubic metres of peat, which stores the equivalent carbon emitted from 22,000 cars

Elon Musk launches new project to convert carbon into rocket fuel!

Tesla’s Founder invited anyone with innovative ideas to join the new programme

COP26 Live: Activists deflate tyres of SUVs in Glasgow

The activist group Tyred of SUVs blamed “unnecessary luxury lifestyle choices” for what is driving the climate breakdown

Scottish manufacturing firms awarded £3.4m to reduce emissions

One of the projects is the conversion of gas combustion furnaces to a cleaner, oxy-fuel system at a glass manufacturing plant

UK firms and government agree carbon dioxide supply deal

Businesses, including those in the food and drinks sector, will have access to crucial supply of CO2 until January 2022

REA: ‘Energy crisis shows energy must diversify and decarbonise’

It claims the hike in gas prices is key evidence that the UK’s energy system must become less one-dimensional