Scotland launches marine environment and climate research

It will explore the marine environment’s ability to store carbon dioxide and mitigate against the effects of climate change

New battery tech ‘could suck CO2 out of the air’

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say it could be integrated with carbon capture tech

North Face to offset the carbon footprint of its athletes’ expeditions

The clothing brand will support reforestation efforts to balance out its impact on the environment

Amazon’s mangroves ‘store twice as much carbon as rainforest regions’

Researchers say protecting these wetlands could play a significant role in preventing climate change

Carbon emissions ‘will threaten crops and human nutrition’

Africa, South and Southeast Asia and the Middle East are expected to be the regions most affected

Canadian firm granted $375k for carbon capture technology

The government says the project in Quebec City could cut costs for future commercial projects

Drax power plant could stop your beer going flat

Carbon dioxide emissions from the facility could soon be captured and used to put the fizz in beer

‘Turning CO2 into useful products will incentivise decarbonisation’

A $4.5m University of Michigan scheme aims to cut annual atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions by a tenth before 2030

Scientists be-leaf fern could prove key to trapping carbon

Scientists say the Azolla filiculoides fern could be used as a carbon sink to help balance out the Earth’s atmosphere

UK must act now to deliver low cost carbon capture technology, says taskforce

It is urgently calling for a policy framework and criteria early next year