Leaked Business Secretary’s comment: Importing wood pellets “doesn’t make any sense”

It is estimated that Drax imports from North America nearly 80% of the wood pellets it uses in its power station

Are landfills the world’s methane super-emitters?

A landfill in Buenos Aires has the same climate impact as one and a half million cars, according to new research

UK to yield the power of biomass with new £37m package

Among the beneficiary projects is one which aims to accelerate the growth of elephant grass to produce sustainable fuel

Amazon’s CO2 emissions grew 18% in 2021

The retail giant has admitted that there are “big challenges” ahead as it races to reach its 2040 net zero target

Government awards £54m to carbon removal tech projects

The funding aims to help develop new greenhouse gas removal industry in the UK

Martians singing the ketchup song!

Scientists have discovered a way that could enable astronauts to grow tomatoes on Mars

‘UK’s largest’ carbon capture plant opens

Carbon dioxide captured from power generation emissions will be used as raw material in the manufacture of pharmaceutical grade sodium bicarbonate

Methane leak at Russian coal mine ‘could be the biggest ever detected’

Satellite data shows that on 14th January nearly 90 tonnes of methane were released, every hour, from the Russian mine

UK emissions fell by 13% in 2020

Consumer spending remains the largest contributor to UK emissions, according to ONS data

UK’s largest CO2 supplier to close Cheshire plant

The move is predicted to strike further blow to the power sector and the NHS as the energy crisis escalates